Thursday, September 30, 2010

of pick-up lines

when we were young (and singles) , men did come and go with funny, stupid, sweet and bad pick-up lines. i stumbled into these and i was laughing all my heart out. remembering my those dating days, mr hubs was so rare in using the pick-up lines, because he was so straight forward guy. hahahahaa. but i can say he is improving days by days, weeks by weeks, months by months, hence years by years. well man out there, my daddy once told me, never date a man without a sense of humor. and that made me looking for years for the mr right. anyhow, cinta itu buta. yang kita takmo tula yang kita dapat. hahahhaa. padan muka. but seriously, single man out there, pls be creative with your pick-up lines because it really does help you to catch a girl's attention. :) here are some funny pick-up lines with answers that shows you guys have no chance at all. hahahaha

HE: I'm a photographer I've been looking for a face like yours!
SHE: I'm a plastic surgeon. I've been looking for a face like yours

HE: May I have the pleasure of this dance?
SHE: No, I'd like to have some pleasure too !

HE: How did you get to be so beautiful?
SHE: I must have been given your share !

HE: Will you come out with me this Saturday?
SHE: Sorry! I'm having a headache this weekend !

HE: Go on, don't be shy. Ask me out!
SHE: Okay, get out!

HE: I think I could make you very happy
SHE: Why? Are you leaving?

HE: What would you say if I asked u to marry me?
SHE: Nothing. I can't talk and laugh at the same time!

HE: Can I have your name?
SHE: Why, don't you already have one?

HE: Shall we go and see a film?
SHE: I've already seen it!

HE: Do you think it was fate that brought us together?
SHE: Nah, it was plain bad luck !

HE: Where have you been all my life?
SHE: Hiding from you.

HE: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
SHE: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

HE: Is this seat empty?
SHE: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down .

HE: So, what do you do for a living?
SHE: I'm a female impersonator.

HE: Hey baby, what's your sign?
SHE: Do not enter.

so guys, good luck with your pick-up lines to impress the girlsss.... hehehe

and tonight i am treating my hubs for dinner. hehe. we are eating out tonight since i am wanted to celebrate mr hubs' successful accomplishment on his previous job. i am so proud of him. so tonite i am splurging him with sushiiiii.. actually it has been more than two months from the last time we had our sushi. so i have made a reservation for 2, in Escapade Sushi. well, i can say that this is the most famous Japanese restaurant in Brunei, i guess. i promise u i'll make a review on this later. however, its nice to reward yourself , and especially your loved ones, be it small or big achievement. at least they'll feel appreciated and loved. a motivation to be better and better i guess. :)

and what is his favorite pick-up line?

you smell. lets shower *awwwww*

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

mari beli prescription frame

smalam saya pegi beli spek mata. yela, dah kata rabun kene la terima hakikat rabun kan. kalau power stakat 100 tu boleh gagah lagi jalan tanpa spek. tapai kalau dah lebih melampau itu, tak payah la over confident sangat kan. terima kasih buat penyumbang utama iaitu channel 712 dan juga "Latip" si macbook pro ku. hahaha. kan bagus kalau rabun sbb baca buku ke kan. well, patutnya buat entry ni smalam. ni dah beli baru kecoh nak buat entry ni. citpodah.

sebenarnya saya ingin berkongsi informasi tentang pemilihan frame spek mata mengikut bentuk muka. fyi, beli frame sunglasses adalah amat berlainan sama sekali dengan beli frame prescription glass. kalau sunglass tu lebih kepada glamorama dan fabulosity. tp kalau prescription glass lebih kepada kesesuaian kerana kita akan pakai nya dalam masa yg lebih lama. so utk memastikan muka kita cute2 dan cantik2 seperti mereka2 di bawah ini, sila kaji bentuk muka anda sebelom membeli prescription glass yg sesuai so that takdela nampak lebih makcik-makcik. ini berlaku utk spek saya sebelom ini. mr hubs slalu panggil saya makcik bila saya pakai spek tu. so saya end up pakai contact lense je manjang. tidak bagus okeh.

so untuk memastikan spek anda akan menghasilkan anda yang lebih kiut, pls examine your face shape first! so lets start.. mula2 senang je, tangkap gambar diri sendiri dalam focus yg agak close-up, then baru nampak bentuk muka tu bentuk apa. spek yang akan dipilih harus la dapat membantu kita kelihatan lebih cute. remember that :)


kalau muka mcm ni nampak pipi bulat dan plumpy sbb dahi dia lagi kecik dari bahagian dagu dan pipi. so kene pilih frame yang agak square dan bersegi supaya dapat balance kan bahagian dahi dan dagu serta pipi. so takde la nampak chubby sgt. :)


ok kalau bentuk muka mcm ni, terang-terang bahagian dahi paling luas. so kita kene tambah keluasan pada pipi dan dagu so nampak lebih balance. kombinasi frame berbentuk bulat di bahagian atas, square di bahagian bawah adalah sesuai.kalau boleh, pakai rimless punya.


sapa ada oval face mcm ni mmg blessed! sbb sentiasa nampak muka kurus je. so apa-apa frame boleh tp elakkan yg geometrical punya ok.


untuk round face mcm saya, mmg agak sukar. sbb kalau dah bulat tu tgkp gambo cemane pun buruk. hahahahaa. so, utk "slim down" kan muka sket, harus pakai square frame. tak bole pakai frame lain. nnti nampak lagi chubby. lepas tu jgn pilih frame yg bold sgt. tak sehsuwaiiii


square face pun jarang meghadapi masalah. cuma frame yg dipilih harus dapat membantu menumpulkan bucu2 empat segi tu ye. so bolehla pilih yg berbentuk bulat. jangan pilih square punya. nnti lagi nampak muka bersegi-segi. semi-rimless would be a great choice!

then smalam kami pegi kedai spek regular yang slalu kami pegi. dekat miri ada bersepah kedai spek. tp kami tetap akan pegi kedai ni. sbb kedai ni adalah sole distributor utk oakley. ye mr hubs adalah oakley-freak. tak tau dah brape byk dia perabih utk oakley. so secara tidaklangsung saya juga kene beli oakley. (hancur harapan mahu beli tag heuer). tapi yg best, kedai ni ada alatan canggih yg saya tak penah tgk kat KL. maybe skarang KL dah ada kot. :P

1)mula-mula dia buat eye screening mcm biasa
2)then masukkan data-data , result drpd screenig tadi.
3) then tanpa perlu bangun, dia buat eye test guna computer. haa tak perlu bangun utk pergi masuk bilik khas dan pancar huruf2 tu kat dinding ke. pastu dia monitor ikut komputer je. mmg canggih manggih ok. saya amazed skejap.
4) power saya maintain. cuma silau saja naik. owhh abaikan peningkatan size badan di situ.
tengah-tengah tunggu mr hubs punya turn check mata (of course la dia nak sepasang jugak. padahal baru je beli spek dia tu. takde org dlm setahun beli berpasang-pasang spek ye. kita bukan waris donald trump ok ), saya pun gatai2 la pi try2 sunglass yang ade kat kedai tu kan. yg best nya, saya try ini.
selama ini hanya mampu tgk je kat tv kan. hah, harini ade depan mata. fyi, its not so expensive. senang cite, product mampu milik la :)

source: mr google, LLC, Moscot.

Monday, September 27, 2010

of wall street and new twitter

i got lonely for a week when mr hubs was off for the rig. and i forced him to make time for me. hahahaha. such an attention seeker. well, u'll need one even after you got me. :P

well, i am too cute to not to get any attention! :P

so we went out for a movie date last night. of course its the Wall street : Money never sleeps. and this movie is a sequel movie. i can say that this movie expresses a more personal, intimate sense of moral hazard. this people cheats, that people lies, those steal or otherwise behave badly. this movie has a lot of talking scenes and as usual my hubs felt into sleep halfway. :P

for those going for this movie, i would advise not to opt for a midnight. overall, its 3.5/5 stars.

aida, eita , ayu and few others were so kecoh-kecoh on this new twitter. really i can't find any special about this. but i have to admit twitter has been part of life. :LOL: yeahh, my life will be so dull without my twitter friends. well, you know who you are. my twitter is the best way to discover what’s new in the world. at least i know whats going on with my friends that lived so farrr away from me. well, i get a very quick updates from football to film to fashion to news to everything. (am i being too exaggerating here? i hope not :P). in other words, people are using Twitter to discover what’s new about what they find interesting. however, my mr hubs thinks twitter is a social network which always distracted his wife from him. hahahhaaa.

well, i can say i am so lucky to be one of the chosen account to experience this new twitter (they said, only selected account can use this new application until its open to all). and i might don't have the best words to describe whats best on this new twitter application. so this clip will help me to do the talking. enjoy people!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

my abah get sick

my abah get admitted three days ago. asthmatic attack. rasanya dah sepanjang hidup 26 tahun kat muka bumi ni, abah tak pernah sakit sampai masuk ward. sakit demam sikit sikit pegi klinik ade la kadang-kadang kan. so mmg agak thunderstruck disitu. rasa macam terus nak balik. tp mr hubs takde kat rumah. kang dia balik tiba-tiba bini dia takde kat rumah kang satu hal pulak.

tapi bila call abah, abah ckp "abah batuk sikit2 je". tp abah still tak ok kan? abah still on nebulizer kan? :( now abah bole cakap penat rupanya amek nebulizer. haa baru abah tahu betapa sengsaranya kami adik beradik yg ada asthma ni macam mana rasanya kene amek neb. so abah, welcome to the club :P

so apa bole saya buat dari sini, call n sms abah sekerap yang mungkin. tp abah ckp tak payah call byk2 kali sgt sbb abah kalau ckp nnti batuk. kalau batuk nanti lelah datang. haihh. sian abah. tapi yg kelakar, abah main facebook dalam hospital. yela, bosan agaknye. org tak penah sakit, kene tahan ward mcm ni mana tak mati kutu. so abah komen-komen gambar, like photos anak-anak then sending messages wall to wall. tp so far, abah blom pandai main farmville ke cafeworld lagi la kan. :P tp kitorang anak-anak harus pasrah saje la kalau abah terjumpa gambar yg tak brape senonoh ke, gambar yg abah tatau pun kitorang pegi tempat tu ke. yela kdg2 bukan kita yang apload, tapi org lain yg apload pastu tag kita. biar gambo tu ade separuh lengan je pun.hahahahhaa. tapi harus doa byk2 abah tak click satu2. :P

tapi seriously, rasa mcm tak jadi anak yang baik sbb tak balik. biarpun abah tak kasik balik sbb abah dah nak discharge ptg ni, tapi jauh disudut hati siapa yg tak risau. siapa yang tak gundah gulana. siapa yang tak rasa bersalah. cool kat depan je. kat dalam siapa tahu. tapi kalau abah blom discharge lagi arini, esok cari tiket balik! tak kire. yela, korang maybe tak rasa ape yg saya rasa sbb ni abah saya kan. try kalau abah korang yg tiba2 masuk ward? ape korang rase? kannnnnn???

apepun abah, mimi tak putus2 doa utk abah ngan mama sehat sepenuhnya. mmgla abah dah tua, tapi belom masa lagi abah nak tinggalkan kitorang k. kitorang semua perlukan kedua-dua abah + mama. kalau abah ngan mama takde, tunggang terbalik dunia kitorang.

abah, even mimi dah kawen, dah jadik bini org ke ape ke, i am still and will always be your little girl. i belong to you , dunia dan akhirat. you are the one that i will turn to in what ever happen. how i wished i can be with you, standing right next to you at this moment. pls cepat cepat sehat k abah. there's many years to come and you need to be there for us.

and mimi minta maaf kalau mimi tak jadi anak yang baik untuk abah ngan mama selama ini k. mimi tau mimi banyak kecewakan, meng-kecik ati kan, melukakan perasaan abah ngan mama, sedar dan tidak sedar. mimi mintak ampun ye abah ngan mama.

love always

Friday, September 24, 2010

of SSA Brunei

people asked me how did i sync myself with brunei so fast. yeah i know it wasn't easy since we were just tied the knot and suddenly mr hubs promoted to brunei . alhamdulillah rezeki kahwen. then i followed him here and of course being left alone while he was off to work. unfortunately, my car was still on its way to brunei and it was so hard for me to move without any. owh there's no cab or bus in kuala belait. luckily there is a something called Schlumberger Spouses Association (SSA). this association is actually a global, voluntary, social organisation for all local and international spouses and partners of Schlumberger employees. it was created to assist the schlumbergers' spouses and maintain a welcoming and supportive environment for all members and their families. at least it makes you feel that you are welcomed here and not all alone by yourself. and once you are a member, u can have your own SSA email and can use it as your personal email. SSA-brunei is not as big as other chapters because brunei is only a small country, but i can say it is well-coordinated.

on my first arrival, they came over and greeted me well. they gave me a welcoming gift which consisted of
1. SSA passport: this is for quality,health,security and environment record. like your medical track since u'll be in and out of countries, your commentary driving test in foreign country, and etc.
2. Brunei Darussalam Street Directory : in case i get lost. there is a foldable map inside too
3. Borneo Insider's Guide : local magazine
4. copycat : local tech lifestyle magazine
5. brochures and pamphlets on local restaurants,salons, supermarkets and schools
6. SSA Brunei tshirt
7. a souvenir from Brunei
8. chocolates and cookies
and all of these are put in one beautiful basket. i like it. and even felt welcomed. :P and then they shared their first experience stepped their foot on brunei. and i feel blessed that at least i just came from the neighboring country which we might eat the same food, wear the same dress, and even speak the same language. poor those people coming from the US or UK or UAE, because this place is totally different from their home country. but amazingly, they survived here like 8 years already and loving it very much. then they shared information on where to buy my groceries, to get either the local or english raw food, emergencies numbers, petrol stations, recreation clubs and much more. they have been very helpful on every information they have in hand. at least they made me feel like home. :P
welcoming gift from SSA Brunei

i can say SSA brunei is quite active, because all of the members are not working. maybe there one or two members are working, but the rest are full time housewife enjoying their free time actively attached to the activities. most of them are 35yrs old and above. actually its hard for us to get employed here because we hold the dependent pass since our husband is working here. so dependent pass holder normally can't work here. unless u can find a company willing to sponsor you as their employee. (because u need to have the work permit issued by your employer. and i tell you, the ratio is 1000:1).so an SSA member once told me not to waste my time thinking about it since i can enjoy myself being an expat wife here.its heaven. LOL. well, they have weekly scheduled on activity that will be carried out. they organized tennis class, badminton class, yoga,pilates, handicrafts and embroidery, cooking and baking, and of course all sort of parties. xmas party, hari raya party, deepavali party, bday party, mothers day party, farewell party..u name it...and the best part is, they even go for oversea trips. hahahhaa. i can't imagine going on a trips with a lot of "mothers".

Last week, they organized a badminton day. since i have nothing to do, i decided to participate in the activity. no its not a tournament. its just a get-together day playing badminton at Panaga Club. Panaga Club is a recreation club owned by the Shell company in brunei. to enjoy the facilities, u have to get the membership first. since i am new here, so i came in as a guest. (normally this title valid for once only). the membership will cost you $1000 deposits a year and the fee will be charged based on what facilities u'll be using monthly. there are golf courses, gymnasium, swimming pools, tennis court, badminton hall, dance studio, yoga n pilates studio, handicrafts and embroidery rooms, playgrounds, and much more. after playing badminton for 3 hours, i feel healthy. after i came home, i suffered muscle aches. thank you for no warming ups in the morning.
after that, they organized a breakfast called "Greek Coffee Morning". it was held at sophie's crib. she cooked all tasty and delicious greece food for us. and the doorgift was awesome. it was a traditional natural pure Greek olive soap with various of scents. she bought all of these straight from Greece. very nice.

the Greek olive oil soap. very great smell. i'm thinking of hanging it in my closet. :)

then yesterday, they organized a farewell party for aziyya. actually more to farewell lunch. she's moving back home to algeria. it was held at zakia restaurant- an authentic north indian cuisine restaurant.

standing from left:ana-sabah, sophie-australia, jo-thailand, cecillia-peru, maria jose-argentina, rini- indonesia, me
sitting from left: anne-vietnam, aziyya-algeria, piam-thailand.
not in the picture: sally- britain, thelma-philipines, chitra-chennai, virginie- french, tui-vietnamese

my life is not as boring as you thought. hahahhaaa. i think, now i am enjoying my life with older friends with amazing life experience , both of an expatriate's life and a married life. sometimes they are just like mothers to me. and i can say that i am growing up little by little.its life. there are so much to learn, so much to dwell, and so much to experience. :)

me with maria jose. yeah listen to her accent, you probably feel like watching mistress hermanas right in front of your eyes. :P

well people, life is always depends on how you look at it. you may feel bad on what u having right now, but other ppl may see it in different ways. so don't worry too much. its too short!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i missed my girls

i have a terrible period pain for couple of days. i really don't understand that i didn't suffer any of period cramps before marriage yet now i'm having it like every month. anyhow, i am thankful that i can still move my butt off to do my chores. even it has a very minimum result because of my slow movement.

to make it worst, my hubs is not around. :( he's on the rig to complete a job that he has been prepared for 8 months ago. (lagi lama dari preparation kawen ok) ... this is the first project in the world to drill oil its an experiment actually. if the project turn out to be ok, then he'll be the hero. and vice versa. i pray that this project will be a success. pls everyone, lets pray for him and the team. *finger crossed* . and this project left me sleeping alone with the bolster. there's no one to rub minyak cap kapak on my tummy or to massage my back when i need it. i have to do it by myself. huwaaaaaaa. i tell you, its different when you are applying it by yourself because a husband palms' is far more better comforting than your own. now i miss him. :(

being left alone make me misses my gfs back in KL. well, i know today they are throwing a bridal shower to dyna. i really wish i can be there. :( its hurt when your friend is tying the knot and you're not there to celebrate the moment. furthermore, i have to admit that my gfs are the best party organizer in the world. they won't invite any of your fav artist or book the most expensive venue, but they will prepare everything from scratch to make it so lovely, fresh, meaningful and fun. i still can remember on how they did on my bridal shower and birthdaysss. OMG, i tell you , the deco + the lovesssss= they were priceless!!! and the most creative person ever is my darling eita! honey, i miss you so much. and not to forget, the person with the fresh and fun ideas is my lalink, nisa! lalink, thank you for your love. :* and of course, not to forget the person who will make sure the party is cheerful and bring smile on every faces, my baby aida! dear, i wish you were here with me. of course there will be ayu, nurul, farah, nana, hana, ana midori, and many more. kalau nak list semua sini mmg takkan habes. owh i miss you guys.
i wish everything will go smooth sailing bridal shower as planned.

owh, i need to get dressed. i have a farewell party later. and i know the party won't be as hilarious as my party with you girls.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

45 fakta dan auta hari raya 2010

1. mula-mula dah confirm tak balik. dah siap telepon mak bapak mintak maap sume ckp tak bole balik
2. bukan tu je, siap dah beli nasi himpit adabi instant byk2 konon pagi raya nak mkn ketupat ngan kuah kacang
3. last minute mr hubs decide utk lari skejap. kire cuti wiken je la. bukan cuti raya
4. so beli tiket balik semenanjung very last minute.sehari sebelom. harga dia toksah ckp la, bole beli LV dua bijik
5. route kitorang dalam masa 2 hari: Kuala Belait-Miri-KL-KT-KB-KL-Miri-Kuala Belait
6. dah kata tak jadi balik so mmg la tak kesah sgt ngan baju raya. senang cite takde baju raya la. kire final decision nak pakai baju vietnam tu je la sbb tu yg plg baru pun. lgpun mr hubs ade baju melayu warna pink. konon matching la tu.
7. songkok pun kelam kabut pegi cari kat town mlm sebelom berangkat. tapi sempat jugakla beli mercun satu plastik. prektis utk sukan komanwel akan datang
8. mula-mula packing ingat nak bawak cabin luggage saja, sbb takmo check in. tp skali kalau dah bawak semua keperluan cam towel la kasut la sampin la sume tu, jadi tak muat. so tepaksa bwk beg besar sket yg mmg tak bole bwk masuk cabin. kene check in
9. mr hubs sempat pegi keje dulu pagi sebelom nak bertolak balik
10. driver dtg pukul 11pagi. flight miri-kl kol 430pm.
11. sampai airport sangap sebab ade 2-3 jam lagi b4 boarding. hampir bukak puasa sbb tak tahan tengok cheesecake starbucks dgn coffeejelly frap edition.
12. tapi memujuk hati dengan beli cikedis bika dan double decker. jajan paling agung masa skolah.
13. pastu withdraw duet utk duet raya budak2. haha. mmg tak sempat nak tukar duet kecik2 dah. untung budak2
14. naik je flight, tapau food utk berbuka. kene pulak takde plastik. tepaksa bwk kotak centu
15. sampai klia, ade gap sejam before flight to KT. sempat perabih duet beli coklat2 utk bawak balik since takde bwk balik kek lapis ke ambuyat ke kan.
16. dlm boarding hall, semua dah ready ngan food.kfc la, nasi bungkus la, mcd la, sandwich la. maghrib pukul 735, boarding pukul 745. tak ke haru. tp elok je announcement dah masuk waktu, semua org khusyuk ngap makanan masing2. kitorang berbuka bika!
17. masuk je flight, elok signal tali keledar tu padam terus bukak food tapau td. makan tanpa mengira perasaan org sebelah. lapo ok.
18. sampai KT, bag sangkut kat KL sbb MAS dah overlimit bawak brg org balik umrah punye pasal. parah parah parah. esok pagi baru dpt, first flight from KL-KT. kol 930pg.
19. kene pulak staff MAS dekat KT tu cam haram. report tak amek sume. suruh dtg esok je. gile la. kitorang pun stress gak wey.
20. masing-masing emo. pegi town carik berus gigi, disposable panties dan contact lense solution. yela, takkan nak share.
21. sampai rumah, mmg mata dah tak larat bukak. borak2 skejap. pinjam baju tdo dgn SIL. pastu iron baju yg maid mr hubs bawak dari kemaman.
22. pagi raya- pinjam telekung, tudung, accessories dan ape2 yg bole dipinjam dari MIL and SIL.
23. lagi hebat, kami pasangan paling anggun sebab first year kawen patutnye manis2 lagi. tp mr hubs pakai baju kuning, gua pakai baju merah. tangkap gambar dah macam alien.

24. dah amek bag kat airport, mr hubs cepat2 tuka baju. time tu gua dah malas nak tuka baju. nak kene iron dia leceh. so takpelah, at least takdela teruk sgt cam merah-kuning kan.
25. lepas amek2 gambo, pegi visit family belah papa. pastu visit rumah2 family rapat. mmg tak bole nak pegi semua la kan sbb time constraint yg melampau. yg best, album kawen dah siap utk kemaman's side. cantik!
26. kol 4.30pm, bertolak ke KB dihantar oleh BILs. sampai di rumah untie kol 7.15pm. pegi rumah untie sbb untie nak kasik pinjam kete. muahahahha. takdelah, dia buat kenduri kesyukuran beli rumah baru.
27. soalan pertama mama, "ko mengandung ke gemok sgt ni?".. cet!
28. tengok family gua pakai baju baru sedondon lagi cantik dan glemer, lagi gua kecik ati. :(
29. lepas babai BILs balik KT, kitorang amek kete untie pegi KB. yela, kete abah mane muat. sume dah besar.
30. check in di kampug halaman-renaissance hotel. baru ada rasa ruang bernafas seketika. lepas tu nana hand in kad raya from nisa, eita n aida. owhh dakula insan paling gembira!
31. mlm tu patut pegi rumah sedara tapi mama tak larat. so abah suruh bawak mr hubs jalan2 Kota Bharu since this is his first time since kid. so pusing2 berbangga dengan kemajuan negeri kelantan. hahahhaa. pastu lepak tepi sungai dekat ridel hotel.
32. esoknya, pegi studio amek gambar family. ni aktiviti wajib hari raya. tu yg byk frame gambar kat rumah tu. kedai gambar pilihan adalah kedai gambar yg sama every year, sebab ni kedai gambar mama ngan abah dari kecik! KEDAI GAMBAR MEDO.
33. time ni la baru ada perasaan satu pasang suami isteri sbb pakai baju sama. hahahahaha.
34. Pegi ziarah kubur tokmek dan sedara2 belah mama dekat pasir puteh. dlm kereta, gua dera mr hubs dengar radio kelantan. hahahaha
35. pastu ziarah family belah abah pulak. yg kelakarnya, kitorang still dpt wedding gifts dr unties & uncles. rasa cam takdela semalam baru kawen kan.
36. sepanjang jalan penuh org kenduri. mmg styke skarang kenduri time hari raya eh?
37. skali lagi takbole pegi semua rumah la sbb kene balik kemas brg sbb flight KB-KL pukul 10pm mlm tu jugak. sambil kemas, mr hubs ajak iman pegi main ps3 kat brunei. selamba dia tanye, ps5 blom ade kan? haha. advance adik aku
38. sampai dekat airport KB, mak ai dia punya ramai manusia dah cam nak pegi haji. tau la raya kan, sampai sorang bawak 2-3 bag. pastu staff dekat kaunter airasia tu mmg super lembab.
39. lepas check in, konon nak belanje iman kfc. beratur sket nye lama sampai boarding time dah. abah ckp next time jela. nnti takut tak sempat. kesian iman.
40. elok nak masuk boarding hall, flight delayed 1/2 jam. hampeh. naseb baik 1/2 jam je. mmg airasia takkan jadi 1st choice la pasni.
41. pastu naik flight jadi blur kejap sbb duduk plg depan, pastu dekat dinding tu penuh sign2 org yg tak dikenali. teringat zaman naik bas mini yg seat depan kita penuh conteng2 tak tentu hala.
42. sampai KL dah pukul 11.30pm. check in di Concorde Inn. diorang ckp sini byk cite hantu. hohohohohooo
43. esok tu pukul 5pg dah angkut bag pegi breakfast. gelap lagi. dah mcm bersahur dah.
44. amek 1st shuttle bas pegi KLIA. flight KL-miri pukul 8pg. pastu baru perasan gambo dgn family gua takde ok dlm camera ni. diulangi TAKDE! punya la sebok raya sana sini. sedih :(
45. selamat sampai di Kuala Belait pada hari raya ke-3. dah tak pakai baju raya dah. dah tuka uniform pakai suar pendek

apepun, selamat hari raya aidil fitri dari kami berdua. mohon maaf andai ada terkasar bahasa terguris sini sana. dtgla beraya di rumah. HAHAHAHHAHA.

saya harap raya saya tahun depan akan lebih tersusun dan organised. harap maklum.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pengisian rohani hari Selasa

I was reading this on the net and would like to share it with you. :)

1) Kalau ada pakaian yang koyak, Rasulullah menampalnya sendiri tanpa perlu menyuruh isterinya. Beliau juga memerah susu kambing untuk keperluan keluarga mahupun untuk dijual.

2) Setiap kali pulang ke rumah, bila dilihat tiada makanan yang sudah siap di masak untuk dimakan, sambil tersenyum baginda menyinsing lengan bajunya untuk membantu isterinya di dapur. Sayidatina 'Aisyah menceritakan 'Kalau Nabi berada di rumah, beliau selalu membantu urusan rumahtangga.

3) Jika mendengar azan, beliau cepat-cepat berangkat ke masjid, dan cepat-cepat pula kembali sesudah selesai sembahyang.'

4) Pernah baginda pulang pada waktu pagi. Tentulah baginda teramat lapar waktu itu. Tetapi dilihatnya tiada apa pun yang ada untuk sarapan. Yang mentah pun tidak ada kerana Sayidatina 'Aisyah belum ke pasar. Maka Nabi bertanya, 'Belum ada sarapan ya Khumaira?' (Khumaira adalah panggilan mesra untuk Sayidatina 'Aisyah yang
bererti 'Wahai yang kemerah-merahan') Aisyah menjawab dengan agak serba salah, 'Belum ada apa-apa wahai
Rasulullah.' Rasulullah lantas berkata, 'Jika begitu aku puasa saja hari ini.' tanpa sedikit tergambar rasa kesal di raut wajah baginda.

5) Sebaliknya baginda sangat marah tatkala melihat seorang suami sedang memukul isterinya. Rasulullah menegur, 'Mengapa engkau memukul isterimu?' Lantas soalan itu dijawab dengan agak gementar, 'Isteriku sangat keras
kepala! Sudah diberi nasihat dia tetap degil juga, jadi aku pukul lah dia.' 'Aku tidak bertanyakan alasanmu,' sahut Nabi s. a. w. 'Aku menanyakan mengapa engkau memukul teman tidurmu dan ibu kepada anak-anakmu?'

6) Pernah baginda bersabda, 'sebaik-baik lelaki adalah yang paling baik,kasih dan lemah lembut terhadap isterinya.' Prihatin, sabar dan tawadhuknya baginda dalam menjadi ketua keluarga langsung tidak sedikitpun menjejaskan
kedudukannya sebagai pemimpin umat.

7) Pada suatu ketika baginda menjadi imam solat. Dilihat oleh para sahabat,pergerakan baginda antara satu rukun ke satu rukun yang lain amat sukar sekali. Dan mereka mendengar bunyi menggerutup seolah-olah sendi-sendi pada tubuh baginda yang mulia itu bergeser antarasatu sama lain. Sayidina Umar yang tidak tahan melihat keadaan baginda itu langsung bertanya setelah selesai bersembahyang,'Ya Rasulullah, kami melihat seolah-olah tuan menanggung penderitaan yang amat berat, tuan sakitkah ya Rasulullah?' 'Tidak, ya Umar. Alhamdulillah, aku sihat dan segar.' 'Ya Rasulullah...mengapa setiap kali tuan menggerakkan tubuh, kami mendengar seolah-olah sendi bergeselan di tubuh tuan? Kami yakin engkau sedang sakit...' desak Umar penuh cemas... Akhirnya Rasulullah mengangkat jubahnya. Para sahabat amat terkejut. Perut baginda yang kempis, kelihatan dililiti sehelai kain yang berisi batu kerikil, buat untuk menahan rasa lapar baginda. Batu-batu kecil itulah yang menimbulkan
bunyi-bunyi halus setiap kali bergeraknya tubuh baginda. 'Ya Rasulullah! Adakah bila tuan menyatakan lapar
dan tidak punya makanan kami tidak akan mendapatkannya buat tuan?' Lalu baginda menjawab dengan lembut, 'Tidak para sahabatku. Aku tahu, apa pun akan engkau korbankan demi Rasulmu. Tetapi apakah akan aku jawab di
hadapan ALLAH nanti, apabila aku sebagai pemimpin, menjadi beban kepada umatnya?' 'Biarlah kelaparan ini
sebagai hadiah ALLAH buatku, agar umatku kelak tidak ada yang kelaparan di dunia ini lebih-lebih lagi tiada yang kelaparan di Akhirat kelak.'

8) Baginda pernah tanpa rasa canggung sedikitpun makan di sebelah seorang tua yang dipenuhi kudis, miskin dan kotor.

9) Hanya diam dan bersabar bila kain rida'nya direntap dengan kasar oleh seorang Arab Badwi hingga berbekas merah di lehernya. Dan dengan penuh rasa kehambaan baginda membasuh tempat yang dikencing si Badwi di dalam masjid sebelum menegur dengan lembut perbuatan itu.

10) Kecintaannya yang tinggi terhadap ALLAH swt dan rasa kehambaan yang sudah sebati dalam diri Rasulullah saw menolak sama sekali rasa ke tuanan.

11) Seolah-olah anugerah kemuliaan dari ALLAH langsung tidak dijadikan sebab untuknya merasa lebih dari yang lain, ketika di depan ramai mahupun dalam keseorangan.

12) Pintu Syurga telah terbuka seluas-luasnya untuk baginda, baginda masih lagi berdiri di waktu-waktu sepi malam hari, terus-menerus beribadah hinggakan pernah baginda terjatuh lantaran kakinya sudah bengkak-bengkak.

13) Fizikalnya sudah tidak mampu menanggung kemahuan jiwanya yang tinggi.Bila ditanya oleh Sayidatina 'Aisyah, 'Ya Rasulullah, bukankah engaku telah dijamin Syurga? Mengapa engkau masih bersusah payah begini?' Jawab baginda dengan lunak, 'Ya 'Aisyah, bukankah aku ini hanyalah seorang hamba? Sesungguhnya aku ingin menjadi hamba-Nya yang bersyukur.'


"Ya Allah, sempurnakanlah kebahagiaan kami dengan menjadikan perkahwinan kami sebagai ibadah kepadaMu, dan bukti ketaatan kami kepada sunnah RasulMu...
Amin Allahumma Amin.."
(petikan doa pengantin Amirul Azri & Mas Shamimi,
4hb Jun 2010, Masjid Tuanku Mizan, Putrajaya)