Monday, May 17, 2010

miss strong

i am currently working on my selection of wedding songs while a friend suggested to watch this. i was amazed with that kind of tradition of her family. i mean she got some elements of joget lambak blended with modern pop music! zainal alam has written a detail review on the wedding. read here.its fun. very fun indeed. i envy this but i bet if i am to have this kind of wedding in my family, i'll be the first dibuang daerah! hahahaa.. so check it out peeps!

ok lupekan perkara itu sementara waktu.
well readers. i want to ask you a favor. i ask for you 1 minute and a half to pray for my ex-roomie back in MMU, aizatul.

sekarang dia didalam OT sedang menjalani pembedahan removing the embryo. kerana mengandung di luar rahim. luckily it just 5 weeks of pregnancy. or else the whole fallopian tube has to be removed. i know she's strong. all my prayers be with you girl. :)

aiza kene sehat tau. i want to see u in my wedding day. pls

Sunday, May 16, 2010

dok makang ikang

hello peeps!

i just came back from kuala terengganu. all i can say is terengganu people is not as bad as i thought! they are warm and friendly. but sometimes i have to really listen to the words mumbled-because the accents they spoke was so one of a kind. hehehe.

well, the wedding dress fitting session was not so good. no, it wasn't me, but the tailor! how can i put this into words... hmmmm... the corset and the skirt done with extra inches sewed. and to make it worst, it is kain songket. it looked really a plus size for me. yes, we are choosing songket to wear on his side since we will be wearing lacey outfit for both receptions in KL. and the most frustrating part was, the outer kebaya has not even sewed! haihhss... but i prayed that everything will be in place asap. thank god, MIL was so calmed which made me have to act cool too. hehe. chill bebeh

another matter that worry me most is my bibik has returned to indonesia! whyy bibik must you go back at this crucial moment. so i am replacing bibik for the time being. bak kata mama- practice!

the clock is ticking. the countdown shows that we hv 17 days to go while i have a very long to-do list to go. *sigh* .oowhh ya, this is another card for my wedding on 6th june 2010 at home. this card is meant for other people who are not invited to puspanitapuri. but the easier part is, i tagged all my friends on facebook invitation. and this one i don't need any rsvp coming back to me. *grinnn*

and i just finished eating my meal for tonight which i get from here. i think its a good diet for people who wanna watch the weight. but will never be any good if you eat this at 12midnite like me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

fakta atau auta?

19 days to go. haha. deeyyyymnnnnn!!

ok, mari kita check sama-sama ye kawan-kawan.

checklist utk akad nikah:
a. mimi
1. baju - beading process
2. kasut - PENDING
3. handbouquet - checked
4. tudung -checked
5. brooch tudung - PENDING
6. gelang - optional (PENDING la tu)
7. veil n mini crown - checked
8. make-up - checked
9. ???(pls help me if i miss anything)

1.attire -checked
2.songkok -PENDING
3.brooch songkok - tak payah kot?
4.samping - checked
5.kasut -PENDING

c. the venue: masjid tuanku sultan mizan,putrajaya
1.bantal nikah -checked
2.microfon & PA system- checked
3.tikar/carpet - checked
4.optional: carpet - PENDING
5.saprah hantaran - PENDING
6.Al-Quran utk majlis khatam- PENDING
7.doorgift & bunga telur utk team khatam Quran- checked
8.refreshments- checked
9.meeting caterer with masjid's management-PENDING
10.parking - checked
11. ??????

d.borang nikah
1. approval- checked.
2. tok kadi- checked
3. supporting documents- PENDING

ok. sampai di situ dahulu checklist utk akad nikah dan majlis khatam. i can't proceed for both reception checklist since i left with 3 hours before my flight to terengganu
7.05am this morning.esok jumpe bakal MIL muka macam zombie! owh ya, i'm leaving for the wedding dress fitting session for amirul's side. this is the scariest session ever because the measurement was made by using my amber-chia-cutting kebaya, which i can't even put in anymore! i can beat the nervousness of hafiz hashim playing for thomas cup you know. pls pray for me.

Monday, May 10, 2010


L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

i am so in romantic and slow number songs right now. mane taknye, i just came back from seeing my best friends , my lalink and hanna. we had our date at pizza hut maju junction as the place is just nearby with hanna's workplace. punye la busy bercerita and proposing songs sampai pizza kecik yg diorder terpaksa di tapau. tak habes okay!! rekod sungguh. kalau la slalu cmni, mesti semua pun bole dpt body mcm nisa. seramping kerengga gitu. hehe

well, saya telah dibekalkan dengan ratusan lagu-lagu romentik especially wedding songs for me to choose.lagu merenjis la.lagu potong kek la. lagu turun tangga la. lagu vclip la. lagu macam-macam la diorang ni. padahal nak guna tak sampai 10 pun lagu2 tu. huhuhuu. yang klasiknya, siap burn dlm cd!yg tak sempat burn dlm cd toksah ckp la. berderet. hahahaa. well nampaknya i wont be able tu tune in any radio station at the moment! takpe-takpe. ini utk finalize cepat2 which songs i wanna pick since we need to crop it here and there.i wish i cud have more fast number songs on my wedding. *aku kan suke lagu clubbing*.hahaha.. nisa pulak busy with the vidclips. yeahhh she's incharge for my childhood vclip. :) she is sooooo rajin that she edited all the pictures one by one for the vclip. unfortunately her hdisk crashed last week! huhuhuuu. and now she wants to do it all over again.. huhu.. nisa lalink, u dont hv to edit. i just need a simple vclip only. i appreciate your effort so much!! :* :* well, i'm happy to see each of my best frens are having the same feeling with me towards the wedding. i can see all of us are so excited. including my fiance's friends.. siap buat countdown utk dia lagi. hahahahaaa. funny

and actually today i had a very hectic schedule. harini setelkan roadtax and car insurance kete mr bean yg kaler merah tu. and then setelkan doorgift tambahan untuk majlis dirumah. haritu ckp kat rumah 1000 je tetamu. skarang tetamu kat rumah dah jd 2000 org. so tak ke haru nak kene beli tambah for another 1000. kalau beli siap takpe la jugak. ni beli dan kene tambah2 riben and tq tag one by one. tak ke byk keje tu. huhuu.. takpela, kawen kali ni je. dah org nak dtg, kire bersyukur la tu kan. semoga berkat majlis ku ini nanti.sampai rumah mmg rasa nak tdo sampai esok pagi saje. but then my supplier called that she was on her way to my home. what did i order?


flowery marshmallows!! it looks so yummeyyy but my mum warns me, this is the highest calories candy on earth you can find!! hahaha. even more scarier, these marshmallows will be kept in my room until the packaging day! woohoooo... all i can say is "mimi, sabarrrrrrrrrr!!!! nanti tak muat baju kawen" :P

Sunday, May 9, 2010

banyan tree

now is my berehat time. berehat menempek2 bunga dan riben di kotak2 rotan doorgift.cramp bontot duduk lama sgt. huhuhuuu

ok untuk menceriakan dan menggembirakan diri sendiri, i decided to blog about this. :D

my 1st honeymoon has been booked! *throws confetti*
i might have few honeymoonssss since my dad dengan baik hati jugak mahu sponsor pegi satu tpt yg mmg dr kecik nak pegi. tp rahsia la dulu yg tu k. sbb tatau bile lagi. yg itu depends on the future husband's preferred date since dia dah habis-habisan cuti utk wedding ni dekat sebulan okay. so let me reserved it first.

so this is what am i excited all about! PHUKET here i come.
i felt in love at the first sight when he pasted the url of the place that we're gonna have our honeymoon. Banyan Tree Phuket has always been the choices of leading magazines the world over.

of course we asked for honeymoon package. it was so amusing that they offered us a few romantic treats since the booking has been made sooo early. (he made the booking since march okay). yang bestnya, siap dah book for airport transfer to Banyan Tree! and at that time you surely feel what is the true meaning of "raja sehari" when you will be lavishly driven in a luxurious car to your villa! :P

and the best part is, my fiance asked me to choose which is my fav gateway of the honeymoon romantic dinner. and i am having so much difficulties to choose because i think i love allll the choices. well friends, can you help me with this?

a) yang ni feeling-feeling makan di atas air berdua-duaan. rasanya food will be served dengan ada org hantar food naik sampan. centu la if i'm not mistaken. super romantic i tell you.

b) ok yang ini pulak takde la betul2 tengah-tengah tasik. tepi tasik. yg ni pun nampakkk sooo beautiful. bole jalan-jalan kat tepi "rumah" tu takde la takut jatuh dlm air sgt. hahahahaaa... owhh i like

c)ini ala-ala candle light dinner di dalam istana. yg ini nampak comfy sbb kawasan dan kerusi dia besar. cam bole main kejar-kejar gitu. but kinda romantic though. juga saya suke.

seriously i can't make any decision. i love all. :P tp kalau nak amek tiga-tiga tak boleh sbb hanya satu saje yg dibenarkan. hari-hari lain we'll be spending our days dekat tempat lain. :)

owh you can surf through this for sure you'll love it too.
and now i'm so excited to get married..becos of the honeymoon.. hahahhaaa.. bole tak?

ok i have to stop typing by now. kene bersiap untuk celebrate mother's day di tupai-tupai bandar baru bangi. :) owh ya, td i had my fitting session again. and i can say it was excellent. :) i'll write about it later

Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 Fridays to go

ikutkan ticker tu ade lagi 4 weeks. tp bile kire betul2, huhuhuuu tak sampai sebenarnye.kalau nak ikut hari jumaat, lagi 3 kali jumaat je. jumaat yg ke-4 tu dah majlis akad nikah okay. addoyaiiiiii. patutla org ckp makin nak kawen makin stress ni. mmg betuk pun omk adik2. itu belom setel. ini belom beli. itu belom siap. itu belom hantar lagi. wuwuwuwuwuuwwwuuuu.. pastu dah stress cm ni mula la nak mengamuk.. pastu untuk redakan perasaan itu, ape boleh buat ??? ape lagikk..MAKAN is the best solution. see, cemane nak diet. :(

ape yg pening sgt eh? saya pening sbb nnti ada 3 majlis yg saya handle sendiri. saya lah wedding plannner. saya lah vendor. saya juga pengantin.hahahaha

majlis pertama:
akad nikah di masjid tuanku sultan mizan ,putrajaya. oohh ini bukan akad nikah biasa2. akad nikah ini akan diadakan pada hari jumaat pagi. of cos sume pun kene amek cuti. hahaha. pastu lepas akad nikah akan diakdakan khatam al-quran sebagai suami isteri. so get ready lah ye incik amirul. kite akan baca gilir2 time tu ye.

majlis kedua:
majlis resepsi di dewan seri endon pada malam harinya. majlis ini tertutup kepada ahli keluarga dan kawan rapat sahaja. so seats are very limited. tp saya excited sbb bride-maids saya adalah my gfrens dan my maid of honor adalah my lalinkk. :) excited di sini. :P

majlis ketiga:
majlis perkahwinan di rumah saya di majlis bandar baru bangi pada hari ahad. yang ini jemputan mengjangkau 2000 org. yg ni pun buat saya haru biru jugak. hahahha. tp tak mengapa.

saya bersyukur ada kaum keluarga dan sahabat yang sanggup meringankan tangan membantu membuat persiapan. dari doorgift,wedding cards,hantaran deco, sehinggalah ke video clip. byk lagi sebenanrnye. kalau nak list mmg la tak menang tangan ni.

dan ini salah satu gambar yg dicandid oleh eita. ni time jumpe derang smalam. hohohoo. i think everyone is excited for the wedding. hohoh. ok mood perasan disini. :P

yg kelakarnya, kawan-kawan saya ni siap berkongsi dan ingin membantu saya membuat persiapan fizikal sebelom menjadi seorang isteri. ahahahahaa.. cam ade pengalaman kawen pulak diorang ni. yela, mmg betul pun. saya bukan ada masa nak berhias mcm perempuan lain. facial, mani,pedi,saloon, spa..hhhoohohoo..sangat takde masa okay. tapi dis time, kene adekan masa jugak bak kata ayu. ok ayu, pls tell me when u taking me to the place. LOL

oklah. i am super busy. but i wish i can write more on my wedding prep. bak kata sis azie, at least nnti bile dah tua2 ke bole baca balik and gelak2. hihiii. sekurang-kurangnya my future husband knows what the effort put and the feeling of how important the wedding is to me.

till then. ohh yaa, mlm ni insyaallah my designer will bring my baju sanding yg haritu dia tak kasik pakai. dengan ayat seram dia cakap" we'll see how many inches have you shed away".. hahahahhahaaa.. rasa nak tegelak

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hello may!

well, i always have this belief- when your monday rocks then the whole week will definitely cooollll. but when your monday sucks, it will go haywire. and maybe this is part of "monday blues" definition. and what i can say is, my monday was terrible. i was upset with few things on that day and it does really a bad mood swift until today! i tried so many things to cheer me up. but i kept on trying to motivate myself telling me that everything is ok. but it didn't turn out to be that effective. and i was wondering is it because of the wedding prep? or is it the weather? or is it my menstrual cycle? seriously i don't have the answer. so i am here not to blame anyone because blaming is such energy sucker. blame yourself before you blame others ok?

luckily i have a great weekend. i attended wanie rohim's engagement. me and eita car-pooled and arrived late! bajet diva la kan. ahhahahaa.. having eita as your companion is totally awesome. she will do the "homework" first before heading to the venues. ahahhaahaa. tapi penah la skali homework dia failed. tp bukan salah dia. salah en google map. hahahahahhaa.. takpe2. so this is ohhhhh soooo gojessss anak dara yang baru menjadi tunangan orang. hehehe..unfortunately pakaian kami sungguh out of theme. ni gara-gara ade satu je baju grey yg awal2 lagi cik pengantin kita pada mlm tu dah suruh reserved. huhuhuhuuu. so nak tangkap gambo pun malu-malu kucing gitewww.. ahhhahha. the setting, the dais was soo beautiful. mcm akad nikah dah rupenye.hehe. apepun, congratulation cik wanie.

habes je majlis di rumah wanie, kami pun mahu pulang. lepas tu , alamak tersinggah sunway pyramid pulak. ahhahaa. so jalan2 sekejap. mencuci mata sket sbb dah lama sgt tak pegi pyramid ni. sampai dtg pun rase cm nak sesat dlm sunway pyramid. hhuhuhu. after that, we heading to cyberjaya to join nisa, nurul and dyna having their meals at paparich. sembang2 jap balik hantar eita then i straight away went to dewan sri endon for farah's wedding. i was so excited and nervous since i will have my own wedding on the same venue. mmg la after habes wedding je dah tak bole tdo sbb byk sgt mende tak buat nihhhh.. tapi nak kawen tinggal less than a month okay! huhuhu. i tell you, farah's wedding was so beautiful. they chose combination of purple and green color. farah make-up was done by ayang kamel. of cos la. superb! ape pun tahniah my dear. wish you a great honeymoon in europe :)

on sunday, four of us, me,eita,hana and nisa went for AIM 17 at PWTC. even nak kuar rumah tu dah kene bebel seround-anak dara, tunang org, darah manis, bla bla bla..- tp masih ku bedegil jugak nak pegi. yela, kang dah kawen susah dah nak kuar2 ceni agaknye. tu pun if duduk bersama2 la kan. hohoho. but it was great to go out with great friends. we had great laugh and came out with a great plan for my wedding too..hehehe... *am very excited*

so habes apdet pasal bersuka ria. hows the wedding prep? well, i can say that dis week will be a super busy week for me. i attending those formalities regarding the walimah. i've done my HIV test yesterday at klinik Kesihatan Puchong since that place does not require you to book for appointment . this place was recommended by a friend to me, knowing i don't have enuff time and can't wait for any appointment. alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.

then harini pagi2 dah pegi pejabat agama selangor to submit my application form. tp sempat la sound tepet dekat pegawai dekat situ kejap tadi. huhuhu. what makes my application soooo hard to obtain is because i live in seksyen 15 bdr baru bangi. this place is under mukim teras jernang where i shud get the approval from the mukim's imam/kadi. but, my tok imam/kadi is just newly appointed and dont even have a chop. so tak bole nak endorsed. so i have to bring along my two saksi-s and abah as my wali here. leceh gile okay. kan kesian kalau saksi2 ku ini terpaksa amek hafday ke cuti ke semata2 utk sign depan mata dia. wth! ini yg buat nk kawen siam je ni. tayah susah payah mcm ni. hahahaa. then the application shud be approved and ready by tomorrow 4pm. lusa, i'll be submitting the forms to the jab agama wilayah persekutuan pulak since i'll be having my akad nikah at masjid tuanku sultan mizan,putrajaya. tak ke leceh tu? alahaiii. kan bes kalau la ade agent ke runner ke yg terima upah utk buat semua ni. *LOL*

so esok i'm going to SSf again to finalize my hantaran decoration. it would be in creme/gold color. but i still dont have any idea in mind so far. maybe i'm not keen in flowery items. :(

ohh ya, we are closing our facebook invitation for seating purpose arrangement by tomoro. this is because we have limited seats at the hall since we're having another kenduri at home on 6/6/2010. my friend, sukur helped me to scan my golden invitation card. i'll be uploading the image later. :)

tomorrow i'm gonna meet the caterer for final number, the dais person, and the canopy,chairs and table man. i hope i can come out rough figure first. huhuhuuu

ok till then. owh ya, berat sudah turun 2kg. hehehe. tp esok naik balik kot sbb td stress terus telan spaghetti bolognese sepinggan besar. hhohohohooo