Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AmmarHafiy is one!

Time ni, tarikh ini, tahun lepas, mmg tengah menahan kesakitan contraction. wuwuuwuwuwuu sayu nye tiba2 terkenang. Hari ini, tarikh ini, tahun ini, my baby is already a toddler! sudah satu tahun wooooo.... how time flies.
1st Day
1 Month
2 months
2 months old- flew to Brunei
3 months
4 months

5 months

5 months- off to egypt
6 months - gigi tumbuh dengan rapid
6 months- moved to new house
7 months- draw attentions to gadgets
8 months- photoshoot
8 months- learn to sit in the car seat
9 months- macho a bit
10 months- first swimming lesson
11 Months
11 months- went to Italy and Barcelona

12 months- OMG so witty, naughty and cheeky!!
well my Ammar Hafiy B Amirul Azri, mommy and daddy is so proud to have you. walaupun Ammar suka bangun pukul 3 pagi ajak main, koyak buku ACCA mommy, dera daddy suruh dukung when mommy is away for class, berebut ipad dengan daddy, tuka channel astro while daddy n mommy are concentrating, tabur nasi atas carpet mommy, tumpah kan susu atas haunted couch daddy...... tapi mommy and daddy still love you with endlessly. you mean the world to us. mommy and daddy bersyukur Allah anugerahkan Ammar. an easy baby to deal with. bawak jalan pun tak byk songeh. oh mommy suka! nnti bole pegi jalan lagi k. mommy and daddy pray for your happiness, wealth, health, fortune and luck. semoga Ammar jadi anak soleh yang bahagiakan semua org. ye mommy and daddy knew that we still owe you a birhtday party. hehe. we'll postpone it till after raya k? mommy need to have meeting with your unties first. kan untiess???????