Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kasut kawen :D

hello. mashaAllah dah lama rasenye tak jenguk sini kan. nak kata busy dengan wedding prep mmg tipu sgt la. jgn terpedaya dengan wedding ticker di atas. even it shows 2months++ days left to my big day, but believe it or not, i still haven't do much on my wedding prep. :(

betul ke ni nak kawennn niiiiii?????


ok utk menyedapkan hati i bloghopped from previous b2b blogs to see what actually they did in two months time before the wedding.. hahahahhahaaaaaa.... punye la tatau ape tak buat ape2 kan.... haih...

then i came across about the idea ofcolour and style for my wedding shoes. nope i haven't buy my wedding shoes yet. ini gara-gara terkejut bila satu hari tu nak pegi beli kasut and suddenly my feet cant fit size 5 anymore. ketat okay! so mcm tak pecayay pulak kaki membesar bila badan membesar.,.. hahhahaaaa... ok speaking of badan membesar, my wedding dress fitting date is just NEXT WEEK! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuu....what should i doo???? i know i definitely cant get into that dress with my current size! :(

enuff said. i'll think about it later. let's see what i found on net:

cantik dan nampak kaki mcm panjang dan lembut. hahahhaaa... ok description agak tak kene di situ. tapi saya agak suke. tp ini kite panggil wedges kan? ok ke pakai wedges on wedding day?

ok this is actually my favourite. simple and elegant. someone told me not to risk a fancy wedding shoes or else u'll be laughing your ass after 5 years of your marriage.

ok yang ni pun cantik kan. u can have space for your feet to "breath". i like this one. but i think i want something with more inches. :p

ok kalau susah sangat nak carik kasut kawen, i think i'll wear something like this for akad nikah since my akad nikah will be held at a mosque. sebab nnti kene bukak kasut kan kalau masuk masjid. ahahahhahahaaaa... silap haribulan kene baling ngan cikgu mariam ni kalau pakai kasut ni... hahhahahaaaaa

haihhhh..... so tonite i'll be seeing my caterer. i heard few scary stories of bad catering services on wedding day. i hope this one wont bring me headache.

*pray for my tonite's meeting have an excellent outcome *

picture: sonja wedding and google