Friday, August 17, 2012

raya 2012 checklist

raya 2012 checklist
 1 baju raya x3
 2 songkok x2
 3 tudung raya x3
 4 sampin x2
 5 duet raya (pink box)
 6 butang baju + brooches
 7 cincin kawen :P
 8 handbag raya
 9 contact lense + solution
 10 tudung biasa x2
 11 baju tdo x3
 12 baju biasa x3 + jeans
 13 camera + charger
 14 ipad + charger
 15 towels x3
 16 blankets
 17 kain pelikat, telekung
 18 pillow- ammar
 19 berus botol ammar
 20 liquid cleanser botol susu
 21 bibs, socks, handkerchiefs
 22 diapers
 23 gifts to inlaws,aunties
 24 biskut raya
 25 toiletteries + wipes -ammar
 26 munchy-munchy
 27 toys
 28 scrunchy
 29 cutlery- ammar
 30 kasut ammar
 31 susu ammar
 32 ubat demam, ponstan
 33 ubat2 ammar
 34 toiletteries
 35 food anak habib
 36 syringe
 37 sweaters
 38 laundry mesh
 39 detergent- ammar
 40 plain water
 41 changing mat
 42 comforter- ammar
 43 undergarments
 44 hotel rsrvtion-kb

 raya mode is on! datang kerja pun cam tak kerja. :P

Monday, August 13, 2012

ape keje atlet olympians di hari biasa??

harini monday blues. peningkepala. takde mood nak kerja. so google sana sini found this. interesting facts to share :) What 36 Olympic Athletes Do for Their Day Jobs By VIVIAN GIANG and SAMANTHA CORTEZ, Business Insider August 9, 2012 Although training for the Olympics can be a full-time job, many athletes need another job to pay the rent. Remember, the International Olympic Committee doesn't pay them squat. Some of them have predictable jobs, coaching the next generation of athletes, but others are harder to guess. Like U.S. fencing star Race Imboden, who moonlights as a DJ. Here's what 36 Olympic athletes do to pay the bills: 1. Triathlon Gwen Jorgensen works as an accountant at Ernst & Young. 2. Hong Kong's Chi Yip Cheung is a full-time fireman when he's not competing in the judo matches. 3. Norwegian marathon runner Urige Buta is also a janitor. 4. South African archer Karen Anne Hultzer is a landscaper by profession. 5. Great Britain's Natasha Perdue is a trash collector by day and a weight lifter at the Olympics. 6. American sailor Debbie Capozzi works at her family's Italian ice shop called Tina's Italian Ices in Patchogue, N.Y. 7. Diver Troy Dumais is a life advisor at the University of Texas. 8. American fencer Race Imboden is a DJ and was an intern for a record label called Fool's Gold. 9. Shooter Emil Milev is a physical education teacher at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, FL. 10. Norwegian rower Olaf Tufte is a fireman and a farmer. 11. Jumper Jamie Nieto is an actor when he's not competing. 12. Swimmer Daniel Arnamnart is a writer. 13. Russian Javelin thrower Maria Abakumova is in the Armed Forces. 14. Wrestler Jared Frayer is a teacher and coach. 15. Australian shooter Dina Aspandiyarova works as a travel agent. 16. Australian boxer Ibrahim Balla is a plumber by trade. 17. Australian shooter Clive Barton makes his living farming. 18. Australian Gemma Beadsworth competes in water polo, and is also a research analyst. 19. And her brother Jamie Beadsworth, who also competes in water polo, is a lawyer. 20. Argentina rower Maria Laura Abalo will go back to journalism when the games end. 21. Australian kayaker Jo Brigden-Jones is a nurse when she's not on the waters. 22. Discus thrower Lance Brooks is a construction worker in Indiana. 23. Wrestler Chas Betts is a motions designer and specializes in animation graphics. 24. Hockey player Nathan Burgers is a teacher in Australia. 25. Argentinian wrestler Patricia Alejandra Bermudez works as a police officer. 26. Italian hurdler Emanuele Abate is also a police officer. 27. Dotsie Bausch, the American cyclist, is a motivational speaker when she's not competing. 28. Argentinian kayaker Miguel Antonio Correa is a chef during the day. 29. Australian rower Samuel Beltz works as a physiotherapist. 30. Haitian jumper Samyr Lain works as a lawyer during the day. 31. Dennis Bowsher competes in the modern pentathlon and is a specialist in the U.S. Army. 32. Hurdler Kerron Clement is an American actor and model. 33. Natalie Dell is a health researcher for veterans and a rower for Team USA. 34. Boxer Joseph Diaz Jr. is a server and a student at Fresno State University. 35. American rower Zsuzsanna Francia is a fitness model and writer. 36. Rower Elliot Hovey is an elementary substitute teacher in California. Read more at sekian

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bubba gump ramadhan buffet 2012

Yesterday iftar, we went to bubba gump the curve for their ramadhan buffet 2012. The price is rm65++ per pax.

Well, tahun ni mmg dis is the first buffet that i went. Kalau dulu b4 kawen ekonomi mak bapak mmg almost every week must go to ramadhan buffet in any hotel. Skarang sudah ekonomi sendiri, maka paham2 la. Sape2 yg dah punya anak sendiri mungkin lebih memahami. Ahaksss.
Back to this bubba gump ramadhan buffet, i can say that i am very satisfied! The ribs mmg sgt awesome and dobt forget scampi shrimps omagad so delicious that i can eat the whole bowl! Maybe sedikit keciwa kerana tidak ada bourbon sauce kegemaran akan tetapi diubati dengan fish grilled and opcosla bila grill ni wajib ada beef and lamb.
Ingatkan takde air, membazir je order mango juice. Rupanya they provide coffee and tea outside. Laaaa kuih muih pun ada keee???? LOL tu la berkejat main dish dulu. Eskrem bertong2 kat luar lengkap dengan condiments. Yummmeehhhhh.

Ok tayah tulis byk2 nanti lapa. So enjoyyy the pixiess.