Thursday, July 15, 2010

i'm coming home

di suatu malam yang larut lagi sunyi, well takde la sunyi sgt, derang tgh men game kat luar :P.....

me: so how do you feel about i'm going back to kl? excited? sad? happy?
mr hubs: you are the one who really excited. telling the world you coming home and planning on the places you wanna go with your friends. you think i dont know?
me: of course i'm excited. so you going to sleep alone?
mr hubs: yeah. with these pillows. no one is going to look after me anymore....

i admit its not really easy to react to this. yes i am excited to go home but at the same time i'm going to leave my husband. we have never been separated since our marriage vows. and now we are letting the South China Sea come between us.

well its nice seeing other people is waiting for us to come home. i have a neverending chat with my sisters that kept on asking me to come home quickly. frens are sending private messages about it. my lalink put a wall post on her facebook. my girlfrens tweet about it for almost everyday. while the most hilarious thing is when my eita wanted to put a daisypath countdown for this. ahahahaa. you are so funny lah bb. i feel so blessed that i have people that care so much about me. this is what i can describe as money cant buy. even i stayed so far away from them, but i still feel they're very close to heart of mine.

i'll be in KL for just two weeks. and i have a full packed of schedule for this period of time. there's a lot of things to do. frankly, i cant commit to sudden meet up program. i have doctor's appointment to attend. i need to withdraw myself from uitm since i'm going to study ACCA in brunei. then a visit to ACCA is a must to register myself for december's exam. owhh i have durian date with the girls and also a photoshoot session with my girlfrens in the white room. woohoooo. i'm exciteddd!!! i need to settle everything that related to my wedding. i have a few matters that still pending such as JAWI, Puspanita, Photoaura and the list go on.then i need to hand over the company officially since i cant commit anymore. i'm thinking of selling all my shares.. then i'm going to spend a lot of time in IKEA since i have to shop for our new house in brunei. (read: brunei doesn't have IKEA). then i'm going to ship all the household along with my mini to brunei. before that i need to go to the bank for the released letter to bring my car over here. not to mention i have to start the renovation for our house in damansara damai. that one is the most hassle thing that i must do. owh jangan lupa, hantar baju raya. ahahhaa. tatau la ape naseb kalini. and i have a lot more in my to do list. huwwwwwaaaaaaaa..................

see, i'm not coming home just for fun. owhh pls people dont ask for souvenirs from me as brunei has nothing special to buy. all i can say everything is expensive overhere. as my hubs said to me, dont convert the currency if you wanna buy anything from the mart or else you end up buying nothing. it has the same price with malaysia but different currency.
for example: a loaf of gardenia bread
malaysia: RM 2.00
brunei : BND 2.00
same right? but when we convert BND to RM, its actually RM5 already. doubled the price!! tu baru roti. blom masuk mende len.

so if you coming to brunei, pls bring more money. :P

well mr hubs, you know that how much i need to come home. i know how bad you wanna be with me. i wanna be with you too. but honey, i'm helping you now. 2 weeks tu kejap je. pls ask our maid to iron your shirt okay. takmo pakai baju kedut2 pegi office like you used to do. its not cool after all. :)

ok countdown begins!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

muscle tenses, muscle cramps

our weekend was totally a blast!! sape ckp brunei ni tak bes. hahaa. seperti yang dirancang kami pegi ke Empire Cinema. mmg cantik dan high class gitu. tp tak sempat tgkp gambar byk2. takpe nnti u oll google je la k picture empire cinema brunei. pergh lawo okay. so kitorang pegi dengan kawan-kawan. sewa satu kete estima utk muatkan 7 org. hahaha. luckily my hubs cuti dr jumaat smpai isnin. tak ke heaven tu. lepas pegi cinema, pegi pusing-pusing bandar seri begawan. org2 brunei tgh busy letak bendera gantung banner letak segala bagai persiapan sbb harijadi sultan 15/7. even dekat rumah kitorang pun dah siap gantung bendera yg disubsidised oleh kerajaan. rakyat dia mmg sayang habes dekat sultan sbb sultan bg rumah pastu tanah pastu bagi pegi haji sume free. heaven heaven.

ok ni kami pengantin-pengantin lama di dalam estima kami sewa. nama dia estima ksps

ni dekat empire cinema tgh beli makanan sebelom masuk cinema.

lepas tu malam tu cepat2 balik sbb maid kitorang ade kenduri. anak dia kawen. so ni 1st time pegi kawen org brunei. org-org borneo ni terkenal dgn mcm2 adat kan sbb byk sgt kaum. tp maid kitorang ni buat kenduri ikut adat brunei. kalau adat brunei standardize punya. tpt duduk lelaki perempuan akan diasingkan. pastu sume takleh mkn selagi sume tak sampai. of kos la last sekali pengantin yg sampai kan. :P . dr segi pakaian pulak majority akan pakai baju kurung. cantik-cantik jugak baju org sini. eventhough our maid is christian, but still pakai baju kurung.
so sweet gitu.

ni style kenduri org brunei. everyone seated tp tak bole mkn lg. kalau dtg kene bwk kawan kalau tak sangap sbb husband wajib duduk dekat area lelaki.

kami dengan salah sorang flower girl. comel je. actually kami takde seat. so penuhi masa tgkp gambo je lakan. hahahha.
ok ni maid kami. perghhh glemer gitu. kami pun kalah okay.meletopssss
habes cite kenduri. now cerita kami ke gua niah. hahaha. READ: GUA NIAH. gile kan. macam tak pecaya. i'm not this kind of adventures creature on earth, neither do my hubs. tp memandangkan sume pegi takkan nak tinggal kitorang je nganga kat rumah kan. so ikut la jugak. tp mcm tak pecaya pd diri sendiri setelah berjaya tamatkan 7km of hiking. belom masuk cerita masuk gua kene guna torchlight sbb gelap ade la dlm few kms. nak daki gua niah tu nasib baik ade trail and tangga, tp tuhan je yang tahu bergegau kepala lutut nak abeskan sume anak tangga tu. dah cam panjat batu cave tp dlm kegelapan. bau jgn cerita la kan. makan burger pun rasa cam makan bersoskan tahi kelawar. uwekkkk.. tp mmg adventurous abes u oll. mmg package lengkap pegi hiking tanpa stretching. balik toksah cakapla sakit dia mmg kaw2. jalan pun terkengkang-kengkang. hahhahaa. naseb baik mr hubs cuti on monday. otw balik, singgah makan nasi lalapan. pernah makan?nasi lalapan tu cam nasi puteh sambal belacan ikan goreng dengan ulam-ulam. tp derang ni makan macam setahun tak makan.lapo sangat. ni gambar kitorang kat niah. layan kan je k

saya tersentuh dengan post terbaru cik eita. owh i cant describe how i missed you too. of kos i missed all my makwe-makwe di kl.
well, i'm coming home dear. ticket dah beli. saya mahu tuntut itu janji durian. hahahha

Friday, July 9, 2010

tomorrow is israk mikraj

tomorrow is israk mikraj. and it falls on friday. what a day. israk and mikraj happened as malaikat jibril took nabi Muhammad s.a.w to the heavens, where he tours the circles of heaven, and speaks with the earlier prophets such as Ibrāhīm, Musa, and `Īsā, and then to Allah. according to traditions, Allah instructs Muhammad that Muslims must pray fifty times a day; however, Musa tells Muhammad that it is very difficult for them and they could never do it, and urges Muhammad to go back several times and ask for a reduction, until finally it is reduced to five times a day. and Muhammad even saw all kind of punishments for all the wrongdoings done by the human being. MashaAllah. i wish i wont be lazy to perform my prayers. alhamdulillah now i have my hubs to lead me in my prayers. i feel so calm and serene when he whispered surah-surah lazim in our prayers. i'm thinking of fasting tomorrow,but i supposed to have my period since my menstrual cycle is currently normal by tomorrow or a day after tomorrow. if i missed this one, i need to get my pregnancy test done. hahaha.

i think brunei announced it as a public holiday. but my hubs being bound with the shell company, so he might have a chance that he's on duty tomorrow. i don't mind. because i am used to it. all i know is he is taking me out in the afternoon for a movie, or two. yeah we're such a movie freak. we're going to empire cinema which is located in the building of empire hotel in jerudong which is said to be the most expensive hotel in brunei. i am pretty sure that the place must be majestic enuff to amaze me. remind me to bring mr 550D okay. i am so sure i'll have a splendid weekend!!

and i have one thing that kept on lingering my mind. i am craving for a slice of chocolate indulgence. no i dont want a whole big fat cake, i just one tiny little slice. its enuff. don't bluff me, i know there are secret recipe's outlet around bandar seri begawan . :P . i cant understand why i needed it to be salivated in my mouth so much. *droollll*

oowhhh puhhllleeaaseeee geettt meee oonneeeee!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

of a backstabber, 5 things and 3rd anniversary

It’s a pain in the ass that a friend can be so nice to you but he stabbed you at the back at the very same time. It is frustrating when you put so much trust but you get shit in return. I just want a peaceful life. I don’t mind if I don’t have much money as long as I am happy. And I don’t want to create chaos. Why did you do this to me? Because you know I’ll be easy on this? Oh my. You are so mean. Dear friend, I pray that god will forgive you on what you did to me and show you the correct way to do business. I guess this is one way that god tries to show me what’s the best for me. I think I made a right decision to stay with my hubs. I do!

I feel so disturbed and I tried to find ways to get rid this matters out off my head. Owh I remember that a friend of mine tagged me , a long time ago. And I owed her this one.
There goes…..

Starting time : 11.58 am
Name : Mimi the Great Wife
Sisters : 3
Brothers : 1
Shoe size : 5
Height : six one
Where do you live : Kuala Belait, peaceful city

Have you ever been on a plane : yep
Swam in the ocean : yep
Fallen asleep at school : of course!
Broken someone's heart : hhmm...probably
Fell off your chair : few times
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : used to..that was zaman bercinta dulu-dulu
Saved e-mails : yep
What is your room like : medium with comfy bed
What’s right beside you: tv
What is the last thing you ate : slice of bread with strawberry jam.
Chicken pox : yep
Sore throat : yep
Stitches : oh yes. My right knee. And my forehead
Broken nose : yes!!

Do you...
Believe in love at first sight : yes. specially on handbags and shoes. :P

Who was/were...
The last person you danced with : my hubs. Romantic haa??
Last made you smile : my hubs. Sent him off to work
You last yelled at : can’t remember. I don’t yell that much

Today did you...
Talk to someone you like : my hubs
Kissed anyone : my hubs’ hands
Get sick : noo I’m good today..
Talk to an ex : nope
Miss someone : my family and my gfs back in KL

Who do you really hate: I don’t hate people
Do you like your hand-writing : sometimes
Are your toe nails painted : nope. Will get it done when I have my period

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : any bed that my hubs sleep in
What color shirt are you wearing now : grey
Are you a friendly person : I can say no. but I’m a nice person :P

Do you have any pets : no. I don’t have time for pet.
Do you sleep with the TV on: sometimes
What are you doing right now : figuring where can I study ACCA in Brunei.
Can you handle the truth : yep
Are you closer to your mother or father : both i think

Do you eat healthy : i wish i could
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : nope

If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : myself is my own comfort. But now I have my hubs with me

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : quiet
Are you confident : depends on the situation

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1.chatting on IRC. Ahhahaaha. lame
2.have a great crush on Kavana and Justin Timberlake
3.was a tomboy
4.a great fan of Manchester United
5.met my hubs for the very first time in class

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1.totally make a comfortable life to my family
2.send some of my relatives to perform hajj or umrah
3.set up an orphanage home and welfare centre a lambo to my hubs as his bday present mansions over the world

5 of my bad habits:
1.i don’t know how to show my love
2.i am a procrastinator
3.easily irritated
5.spend too much time on the Internet

5 places I've lived/living:
1.a big yellow bungalow in Kota Bharu
2.a gov quarters in Kulim
3.a house by the beach in Butterworth
4.a place I called home in Bandar Baru Bangi
5.currently in Kuala Belait.

5 people I tag: aida, eita, sukur, dyna, dzulie

owh ya. Today is the 3rd year that my hubs work with the company. Alhamdulillah so far he’s doing good here. I still can remember helping him went through all the stages of the interview process before being accepted as an employee. We did researches about the company. we rehearsed a lot. and I helped him to compose an essay about himself on why I wanna work with schlumberger for his 3rd stage of interview. Hahaha. It was funny. With all the effort and prayers, he went through. Alhamdulillah. Last night he whispered to me that it was the day that I went to wave him off to Abu Dhabi 3 years ago. I took my mum went with me because I was so shy to meet his family. And really it was a teary moment that we were never being that far apart for such a long time. ( yes, he didn’t know that I cry :P) well mr hubs, I know we will never be apart anymore. I am here to say that I am so proud with your achievement. I swear that I will be with you through thick and thin till the end. My love to you will never fade away. I know you’ll do the same.

Ok pls jgn muntah .

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

phuket oohh phuket

dear mr blogspot,

i am so angry that i have composed a very long story on my Phuket trip and suddenly when i uploaded some pictures, almost all my post gone! it took me like 6 hours to work on this post while with a single click ,it just went missing like that!!!!

adakah sebab saya baru serve nuffnang ads? tak the way, tolong klik disitu ye wahai pengunjung blog. jasamu dikenang.

haih. masih berkecik ati. bawak diri sendiri pergi. merajuk..

seriously i am so upset.
i wanna cook jemput-jemput. my husband like it when he reaches home there's hot jemput-jemput on the table served. then he loves me more.

not like you do, mr blogspot

this is the leftover, i should say......enjoy people.

upon arrival:
our romantic villa at banyan tree:

gems gallery:

phuket city tour:

nightlife at patong beach:

the phuket fantasea show:

this is Khai Island:

we spent our day rejuvenating ourselves at the banyan tree spa on our final day in phuket. it was "retreat for the senses" package we chose. it was my first time having a luxurious romantic spa- together with my husband. it was so calming and relaxing. i could hear my husband snoring next to me. :P semi lenguh-lenguh berjalan around phuket hilang i tell you.

that was our perfect hide-out.

last but not least, our ride back to airport.

bye bye phuket. i miss u

Monday, July 5, 2010

happy bday my love

I dedicated my today's entry to my dear darling gf aida hanim as she is celebrating her another older day for this year. Love u bb!

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday, wish you were here,
Happy Birthday, wish I was there,
Happy Birthday, my dear,
Happy Birthday, I say with care.
Happy Birthday My Love

I love you,
Happy Birthday,
I miss you,
Happy Birthday,
Wish I could see you.
Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday, wish I could give you a kiss,
Happy Birthday, wish I could give you a hug,
Happy Birthday, if only you, I didn’t have to miss,
Happy Birthday My Love

Friday, July 2, 2010

so now i'm an expatriate

My husband went off to friday prayer, leaving me alone with the tv on and my lappie. alhamdulillah i cooked him and his frens lunch. well, i can say that it wasn't that bad for a beginner like me to cook. hahaha. but at least i put my best to feed my husband. :P luckily the mart is just next door and i just need to walk a block away to reach pasaraya Soon Lee. nama saja pasaraya Soon Lee but they sell Esprit okay!!

honestly i am still adapting myself with a married life. it maybe a little bit awkward when you normally leave it to your bibik to do everything back at home and now u gotta do it by yourself. much more awkward when you have to indulge with "man territory". i admit that i laughed when i was folding my husband's boxer at the very first time. then i am getting used with clothes lying on the floor or bed and even the toiletries getting out off place. however, i can say that we are so happily married and staying together makes us a grown up a little bit. :)

do you believe in rezeki after marriage? i do. a fortune teller once told me that i bring luck to my spouse. very much luck. well i used to not to believe it that much actually. but i believe that god will grant us something good in return when we did good thing. alhamdulillah, i can say that my husband got promoted. he will be permanently transferred to brunei as an international mobile engineer. with this, he entitled for all the expatriate's benefit over here. i was so happy that we're going to live our life in our own. my husband insisted me to stay here with him. yela, takkan nak tinggal sorang2. betul jugak. but somehow deep in my heart i torn into two since i told my parents that i'll be in brunei for just two weeks! now it becomes permanent. how can i put this into words to tell them? :(

tomorrow we'll be going back to labuan to take all of our belongings back to brunei. oh yeah, we moved to a family house in labuan since the company gave us one, but we only stayed there for two days. now the house need to be released. i love the house. its huge and beautiful. :( well, not to be sad, my husband is taking me to choose a house in kuala belait this evening. we're going with the agent. i know we wont get as huge as our prev house in labuan. but i don't mind. as long as it is fully-furnished with clean household and area, it should be fine with me. by the way, its hard to get nice landed house on our budget since most of the landed house here are big. maybe we opt for an apartment. i dont know. we'll see how. the agent has 8 houses to show us. and once we make up our mind, we'll move in asap. then everyone from malaysia can come to brunei and stay at our house. (read: GFs i am waiting for u guys!!!!).... and i am excited!!

owh ya. this is a picture of us in phuket. ok i need to have a review on my pre-honeymoon to phuket. i owe you this one