Saturday, May 15, 2010

fakta atau auta?

19 days to go. haha. deeyyyymnnnnn!!

ok, mari kita check sama-sama ye kawan-kawan.

checklist utk akad nikah:
a. mimi
1. baju - beading process
2. kasut - PENDING
3. handbouquet - checked
4. tudung -checked
5. brooch tudung - PENDING
6. gelang - optional (PENDING la tu)
7. veil n mini crown - checked
8. make-up - checked
9. ???(pls help me if i miss anything)

1.attire -checked
2.songkok -PENDING
3.brooch songkok - tak payah kot?
4.samping - checked
5.kasut -PENDING

c. the venue: masjid tuanku sultan mizan,putrajaya
1.bantal nikah -checked
2.microfon & PA system- checked
3.tikar/carpet - checked
4.optional: carpet - PENDING
5.saprah hantaran - PENDING
6.Al-Quran utk majlis khatam- PENDING
7.doorgift & bunga telur utk team khatam Quran- checked
8.refreshments- checked
9.meeting caterer with masjid's management-PENDING
10.parking - checked
11. ??????

d.borang nikah
1. approval- checked.
2. tok kadi- checked
3. supporting documents- PENDING

ok. sampai di situ dahulu checklist utk akad nikah dan majlis khatam. i can't proceed for both reception checklist since i left with 3 hours before my flight to terengganu
7.05am this morning.esok jumpe bakal MIL muka macam zombie! owh ya, i'm leaving for the wedding dress fitting session for amirul's side. this is the scariest session ever because the measurement was made by using my amber-chia-cutting kebaya, which i can't even put in anymore! i can beat the nervousness of hafiz hashim playing for thomas cup you know. pls pray for me.

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waNny said...

kelakar la u ni mimi .. very best of luck !!