Monday, May 17, 2010

miss strong

i am currently working on my selection of wedding songs while a friend suggested to watch this. i was amazed with that kind of tradition of her family. i mean she got some elements of joget lambak blended with modern pop music! zainal alam has written a detail review on the wedding. read here.its fun. very fun indeed. i envy this but i bet if i am to have this kind of wedding in my family, i'll be the first dibuang daerah! hahahaa.. so check it out peeps!

ok lupekan perkara itu sementara waktu.
well readers. i want to ask you a favor. i ask for you 1 minute and a half to pray for my ex-roomie back in MMU, aizatul.

sekarang dia didalam OT sedang menjalani pembedahan removing the embryo. kerana mengandung di luar rahim. luckily it just 5 weeks of pregnancy. or else the whole fallopian tube has to be removed. i know she's strong. all my prayers be with you girl. :)

aiza kene sehat tau. i want to see u in my wedding day. pls


ms. dz said...

hope she's ok. pray for her so that she could come to ur wedding :(

waNny said...

if i buat wedding mcm nie pun kene buang daerah .. far worst .. negara..
how i wish i can do this.. very cool i tell u.. need to recheck the wedding song to make it more fun :p

and hope ur fren is ok now mimi.

Anonymous said...

it is on my plan actually to do this. now that the whole world knows hunny madu did it, ppl will thought i tiru dia.

who cares? i dont.


schmellow said...

eita : thank you. she's fine. alhmadulillah :)

wanny : haha. my wedding selection of song is still in progress.

zara: well, takpe. u can go on with your plan. tak kesah la ape org nak cakap k