Thursday, October 2, 2008

of hari raya

oh yes i forgot to update on my hari raya preparation. heck!

actually i am nervous to celebrate dis hari raya. there are too much bad memories during hari raya..guess i'm classically conditioned to the despairment of my past Eids. Some sort of phobia.

Ada banyak faktor, tapi of cos la tak boleh reveal semuanya demi menjaga hubungan diplomatik.


1) I don't like mercun. it reminds me of gunshot and it's distressing. plus i'm a light sleeper and sleep deprivation tends to make me grumpy.
2) For us, raya means no jeans allowed. "budaya melayu" la kononnye. alahai mak aku.
3) I'm not a fan of kuih raya. adik-beradik maruku takpe, yang manis-manis no thank you.
4) I value privacy. raya is that time of the year where privacy is considered a joke. i have a big family you see.
5) Raya is when you couldn't call your boyfriend because the line is congested, or he's busy attending to his happy family. and you miss him so much. and dis year i fought with him due to this matter.
6) Raya is when every single friends of mine wants to hangout with me but i have to turn them down every year. sigh!
7) Raya means high tendency of kehilangan pakaian dalam di celah timbunan baju semua orang yang mahu basuh baju pada waktu yang sama.
8) During raya all may pakcik and makcik would ask when will i get married? damn.
9) We have been checked in the hotel for raya where i think its better to stay at home. i miss my late grandparents.
10) Raya means Ramadhan is over.and it also means i'm going to eat eat and eat. this is a real bad news :(

But i really really really wanna enjoy dis raya. Wish me Luck!!

Selamat hari raya aidilfitiri. Maaf zahir batin.

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