Tuesday, September 30, 2008

of a doctor

i used to have an ambition to be a doctor long long time ago. but may be this is what we called fate. so i cant be a doctor. i am not even qualified. but i have so many friends pursuing this medical line. most of them are my primary school frens. oh i miss them.

since then i always dreaming of marrying a doctor when i grow older. when i was small, i liked to watch ER. and then came the CSI and also the grey's anatomy. but now i am not really into this tv series. maybe because i have no time. why was i so obsessed bout dis doctor stuff? well actually yesterday when i was coming back to hometown, there was an old lady had an asthma attack on board. everyone was panicking. the crews were running here n there. while the pilot announcing about the situation and seek for any doctor on board to identify themselves. even the plane has been delayed for this reason.

suddenly, there was a guy sitting in front of me stood up and went straight to the lady. omg. there goes the doctor. he was damn goodlooking. and he saved her. this is what we called god gift to the women. :p by the way, i forgot to mention, he's married with two sons. tq

but now, i think its not appropriate for me to think bout marrying a doctor anymore since i am dating wit someone, who is not a doctor. yes he may not know bout the saving ppl's life skills, but i know he should be, must be capable of saving me if anything happen. at least sending me to the hospital or whatsoever. of course, he must be very well-prepared, mentally and financially before attaching officially with me since everyone knows i also have asthmatic problem. of course i'm going to need the best service.

or else i should start to think about marrying a doctor again.

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