Sunday, September 28, 2008

of me right now

They say love conquers all. I beg to differ.

Sometime when you are in love with someone else instead of letting go of your feeling you keep for your own good self. Reason being..perhaps you don't want to get hurt or perhaps you just don't want to let go some part of you, to be shared with other people...but honestly i want it to be shared with my loved ones.

But still you say "I love you".
When you in love, conceivably you think everything is possible. You thought you would die for that person, you thought you would do everything to make that someone happy. You would never allow any tears to be shed. When actually the truth is, while reality slapped your face you realised you just want to gratify yourself. Probably you love someone because it is hurtful to be unwanted, to be unloved and most of all you don't want to be lonely.

Love is never enough.
Have you heard someone said "What's wrong? Everything I did for you is never enough". How enough is enough? It's like life. Is what you are getting out of your life is enough? For me, it will never be enough. But along the way, effort will definitely help to alleviate things.

Syg, i know you did so much to me. thank you.
I wish i could share it all with you.

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