Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear all my family, partners,teachers,lecturers,calon2 mertua, calon2 husband, calon2 adik ipar,ACCA members, unemployed friends,boyfriends,girlfriends, enemies,classmates, housemates,crushes,secret admirers,long lost friends and also current real friends,

you all are invited to my house for sedikit makan2 on 23rd October 2008.i am so bz and can't make time for a proper invitation. i hope you dont mind since currently we have technology that can help me spread this in just a click! hehe. so, a lot of food will be served together with goodlooking usherers. :) who ever got talent in singing can also enjoy yourself karaoke-ing.Confirm grand punye kalah kenduri kawen. kahkahkah.. Yes i know its working days, tp ye lah kan saje je. :P please dont come late at night because i'm going to sit for my ACCA trial exam on the next day @ 8am !!
see u
mimi and bakal husband


Amirul said...

who is bakal husband? :-?

eita eita said...

yeah mimie
who is bakal husband?

dYnA said...

gOod LuCk MiMiE...

Anonymous said...

haaaaaaa..taleh g!marah lg.adoyai!

eita eita said...

takleh gi juge.
taper mkn utk eita k.
td dah rase tempting biler mimi list down mknan2 kat openhse.

Anonymous said...

hensem bakal husband hang :D

schmellow said...

ahahahaha nett ko sorang je tahuu die hensem eh. :P

schmellow said...
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