Wednesday, August 25, 2010

final days- Vung Tau

i think i'm gonna write about our final days in vietnam. i told you that we're off to Vung Tau, did i? we really did. Vung Tau is a city at the south of Vietnam. we're visiting a friend of mr hubs. en yusri and puan maslina. hehe. Kalau kat Malaysia, Vung Tau ni mcm Labuan la. tp far more better from Labuan. We bought our ferry ticket 3 days before. owh sini tak bole beli lambat2 ok. tiket mcm tiket bas nak balik raya. mcm goreng pisang panas.
owh its humid in vietnam. and the people wear this for air filtering. and i have mine too. :)this is Vung Tau's jetty. its bigger and nicer compared to Muara's jetty. :P

Sampai je ngam2 time bukak puasa. and i cud say that Maslina can cooked malaysian food very well. and being us, who had been eating vietnamese food for a week long, definitely turned into two super hungry creatures. ahahhaha. mr hubs dgn tak malunya tambah 3 kali ok!! owh they are blessed with two kids. sorang 2 tahun and sorang lagi baru setahun. what a complete life. :) actually yusri is working with Schlumberger too. previously he was at the same place with mr hubs back in Labuan. and now he has been transferred to Vung Tau for about a year. and they got a very beautiful house over is a house with modern design and not very big. they have their own jacuzzi, swimming pool, security guards and maid. i like their house. very much.this is me together with Mas and Icha in front of their house :)
how i wish i have this at my house too. you are free to do whatever you like with some privacy because its your own pool!

So malam tu, we decided to have a city tour. but we have to ride the bike ourselves. haha. so pinjam moto pakgad satu, put on our helmets and we're ready to go. and now i feel like a real vietnamese. *LOL*. and i tell you, the night life is far more happening than Brunei. hahhaha. mr hubs on helmets! OMG. *takmo ckp ape2* :P
me with Icha, the adorable daughter of Yus and Mas. :)
then we stayed awhile for a cup of coffee. and this is the correct way how to drink Vietnamese coffee. tunggu kopi tu habes tapis, stir it well with the creamer, then pour it into the glass of ice. and it tastes: SUPER DUPER KAW!! this is the best coffee i've ever had. Starbucks pun tak bole lawan.

The next day, the couple took us to a few places around Vung Tau since our ferry back to HCMC was at 2pm. we went to the Fish Bone Temple where they kept the oldest whale bones together with baby whales skeleton in here. then we visited the White Palace, a historical building that used to be that palace for the British/Americans. then we went for a cable car ride up to the hill. tinggi giler!! i think its the same company supplying the cable car cabin with Genting cable car because it looks just the same. :P and they are building a simple amusement park up there.
this is the whale bones that i've been talking about!!
and this is pokok pisang ajaib!! klik gambar utk tumbesaran gambar

ini view Vung Tau dari atas bukit. pack giler!! dari atas nampak mcm susunan kotak-kotak yg rapat-rapat. macam lego. but seriously, the population is huge. and its not even the capital city. its just the third city in the country!!
the white palace!! palace ni besar tapi sini nampak kecik. :P
hahahahahaaaa jangan marah naaaa!!

lepas tu terpaksa pulang semula ke HCMC. sampai2 dah nak pukul 4 centu. plan asal nak pegi berbuka dekat Hard Rock Cafe Saigon, tapi disebabkan beberapa perkara yg tidak dpt dielakkan, kami ended up berbuka dengan nasi briyani :) esoknya kami pulang ke brunei semula.

and now, i am so happy to announce that my mini has finally arrived from KL!! hhhoorrraaaayyyyyy *jumping upside down*
so takdela bosan sangat. i can drive on my own and explore more without my hubs.
owhh, expect me to lost my ways for this couple of days ok :)


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