Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridal shower

Theme: pink+white+black
Venue:b i j o u, mont kiara
Organizer:miss dzuita n my lalink

these people had organized a lovely bridal shower for 3 of us who are going to tie the knot in may and june. mungkin kerana agak sukar menemukan masa yg sesuai untuk berkumpul, jd lebih baik skali sahaje. less time consuming,less budget and maybe less hassle. :)and this hen party turned out soooooo fabulous. Don't worry,this bridal shower was nothing hanky panky happened so En Amirul can smile now..:P.
since this party was held to celebrate those bride-to-be, which at the same time happened to be me as one of the bride-to-be, i decided to give a token of appreciation for the invitees. and seriously this is very last minute one. LOL

i bought this which i don't know what to call it. but people use it to put it hanging onto their phones/bags/keychains/etc. i like it because it shines when you put it under the sun or lights.

then i bought these cute mint tint at the poetry of flowers. very cute i tell you. ada mcm2 gambar.then i put the red Lindor chocolates which i bought from KLIA the day before. psssttttt: choc tu sedap!

then i put it in this cute paperbag. dan walaupun warnanya marroon, this paperbag bukan versi christmas ya tuan tuan dan puan puan. but it has a very cute design with something sweet written on the side of it.macam poetry gitu. can you see it?

dan sudah tentu la beserta dengan kad jemputan kawen. ohh yaaa actually card tu baru je siap. so dah bole kawen? hahahahahaaa. but then there is no rsvp card so i asked eita to design it for me. do you see it? cantik kan. so darling, all my invitees will be filling up the rsvp card designed by you. thank you so muchhhhh!

last but not least. yg ni i beli time pegi withdraw duet smalam since i was the first one arriving, so i went out to the nearest atm. so i bought kitkat to put into the paperbag. :)

The party was very2 awesome that i can say eita has a very very good hand in decorating the place. then the bride-to-bes wajib pakai ala2 veil with crowns.. ahahhahaaa..sungguh chumellsssss..dan tidak lupe juga, everyone of us are seated accordingly to the namecard put on the table. owhhh kamu sungguh rajin okay... and everyone get their own bouquet of pink fresh flowers too... sungguhhhh cantikkk.....babe, i think you can have your own party planner company. hahhahahaaa. the ambiance @ bijou was great too. the pink curtain suits our theme very well. they put candles on every table. then you can see sort of small orangy comfort pillows on the benches the food was delicious too. i oredered chimchuri chicken with wild orange soda.

here, i'd like to express my appreciation to everyone who came..esp Nurul who came down all the way from JB for this party and has to shoot off back to JB right after that..OMG..luv u hunn! dan tidak lupe untuk cik dyna for the beautiful barbie cake! even my mum terpegun tengok cake tu tau dyna.. hihihiii.. and not forgetting for all the pre-wed present that you guys have prepared. i got shawls from nisa and nurul. a very cute and eco-friendly shopping bag from eita. a hand made card from aida channnn... plus all the advises written by everyone on that day. that was just sooo sweetttt of you guysss. i really appreciate it. rasa mcm nak menitis air mata pun ada when i read all of it. ohh so emotional. but somehow, i'll keep in mind everywords that you guys have written it to me. thank you again. luv you all to the bits!

so people, enjoy the pictures!

so sekarang adalah masa untuk panic! see the ticker???? hahahhahaaaa

note to self: esok tolonglah pegi jahit kain baju kawen tuuuuuuuuu.. kang nanti tak siap nak pakai jeans ke??


ms. dz said...


so sweet of u to jot down abt the bridal shower. so glad u enjoyed it. we are happy to shower u guys too! :)

btw, i'm also honored to play a part in ur wedding preparations (altho just in designing ur rsvp card). i hope all ur preparations went smoothly. can't wait for ur big day hun!


pvintaj said...

hi salam,

i'm actually from Brunei and my name is diana. i stumbled upon your blog when i went google-ing bridal shower's party set kat malaysia.

if you dont mind, kat mana you all beli the bride-to-be sash, the bride crown, etc? korang buat sendiri ke, or ada kedai kat KL yg jual benda macam tu? cause me myself will be going to KL in November InsyaAllah. if you dont mind telling me, where can i find those things kat KL.

many thanks =)