Thursday, December 23, 2010

suami saya sweet

yesterday i spent my whole day watching Giuliana & Bill on E!. if only couch potato is a sport, i think you will find me auditioning for next season of ANTM. hahahhaaa. i dragged mr hubs along to watch it with me after he came home. at that time, Giuliana was preparing a baby shower for her friend. suddenly mr hubs asked me why is she preparing the baby shower when she's not even pregnant? hahaa then i have to explain to him. haihh boys will be boys i guess. then he asked me, when will we have our baby shower since he wanted to do it too. hahahhaaa. kelakar betul mr hubs ni. sabar ok. plus, i don't want to have our baby shower here in Brunei. not fun without my girlfrens. kan? :(

since i have this little pumpkin in my tummy, i get tired easily. very tired that i don't wanna do anything. i just lay down on the couch then slowly fall asleep if nothing good on tv. i feel tired to get online and just enjoy twitting from my bwekbewwy. i have difficulty to choose my meal since i don't feel like eating at all. and blogging? owh i almost forgot that i have a blog. :P

despite of my laziness to blog, (owh its not an excuse anymore. its a reason! blame the pregnancy hormone. :p ) my mr hubs came home with this. i think he bought it online because he said that he had to pick it up from the post office. plus, you can't get such a good book/organizer here. sighh!!

well, i found it so sweet because i think i need it. at least i can do some recording on this pregnancy because i believe that every pregnancy has its own uniqueness. at least this book can help me to create a keepsake to look back on. and it has numerous advices, reminders and checklists for preggers and of course, some beautiful quotes on pregnancy. owh i love it. thank you mr hubs.

the last section of this book is the baby names and their origin and meaning. of course there's no muslim name in here. but i fall in love with this name. DARCY. darcy mr darcy. i know its the main character in one of the famous movie back then. i forgot what is the tittle of the movie. all i know, mr hubs slept from the first minute when the movie began. well, cik farah, can you pls help me with this since i know this is your fav movie. hehe

last weekend, SLB organized a family day in Empire Hotel. we decided to stay there one night. the hotel is amazing. the building is huge with heavy-classic interior. it has its own cinema, golf course, bowling alley, sea sport centre and etc. no wonder its the most expensive hotel in Brunei. we had a pretty good time there.

this is the latest picture of me and mr hubs. as you can see, both of us now have successfully put on weight with big tummies and butts. pandaikan mr hubs, dia nak cover perut dia, so dia pegang perut kita. cet! but i have to admit, i can't fit in my S size clothes anymore. now its either M or L. give me two more months, i believe i will wear an XL size.

well people, we're going back to KL for my check up. hhoooorrraaaaayyyy!!!
unfortunately, i can't promise anyone to meet because this time i'll be back with my mr hubs. so we need to go back to terengganu for few days as we need to visit the grandparents in Kuala Terengganu as well. (yeah they were soo excited tooo!!!)
but not to worry, because i'll be back to KL frequently. tak sempat jumpa kali ni, kali lain still boleh. hehehehee.

now i am starting my own countdown to go home. i have a list of food (a very long one) to eat when i get back since i am craving for food that i can't find it here. so i can't waitttttt!!!!!!


farahayuni said...

mr Darcy is a character from Pride & Prejudice movie.

inspired by Jane Austen novel with the same title.

sedapnye kalu anak name Darcy ek :P hihihi

mummy adam said...

wow! baby brunei-kl ni :) enjoy pregnancy mimi. it's such a wonderful journey. :)

L i 3 z @ said...

welcome home dear. im in my countdown too. er not countdown anymore kot. its tomoro =)nway hav a safe journey dear.

schmellow said...

ayern: ahaaa Pride & Prejudice. itulah. agak2 lepas tak letak nama anak Darcy?

k pejot: hehe thanks. still on the first trimester. yet masih manageable, blom tunggang terbalik lagi.

dzulie: bestnyaa dah bole balikk. jelesss :(

dialicious said...

hi..sweetnyee hubby u!mesti excited u stay brunei tp nak cek up in KL?so bersalin ktner?huhu..

Mohd Sukur Ibrahim said...

didik anak dari dalam kandungan lagi tau...harap2 anak ko bijak macam aku..hehe

アイダ said...

yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy mak bunting balik KL! hihi

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