Friday, January 29, 2010

of yesterday :)

ok i know i owed you the "proposal" story. but i think i'll hold that one first because i got another interesting story to ramble about.. heheheheeee..

last nite, we had sushi det again! eita and nisa made it earlier than me as usual. :P
tp takdela i sampai lambat sgt. just few minutes lagged sahaje okay.traffic jammed since i came from putrawalk ,seri kembangan. jem dia bukan main lagi. bole tdo sambil drive okay.luckily i had "teatime" with a client b4 heading to i was not that straving. or else i would be eating 90% eita's portion as promised. ahhahahaha. so funny eita siap bole tuka baju because she afraid that she'll be the only one wearing baju kurung since she came straight away from work. sekali cik nisa kite pakai baju kurung straight away from seremban okay!! hahahahahaaaa.... memang sangat lah ayu. sekali pandang macam candidate peserta realiti tv cari menantu. ahahhahaaa... tak lame la tu. nisa tak elok sgt makan hati lama2. yg lalu biarkan berlalu ok. :)

so sakae sushi menjadi pilihan.its not because sakae sushi is green in color which is nisa's fav color, but we just like the place. hahahaaa...yeahh its not absurd. it will always be our favourite sushi place for us because it tastes better with reasonable prices. :)plus its easy to make order. tak payah susah2 panggil waiter utk order. tekan sahaje. kalau tak nak pengsan panggil waiter dtg hanya utk order one plate of kanikama maki :P

rupe-rupenye eita wanted to treat me as she missed my bday celebration at fullhouse that day. (ye ke eita???) ahahahhahaaa....walaupun dia baru sahaje makan sakae sushi about three days ago, still she can't resist the sakae sushi. :P but obviously she only ate tempura. diet konon2. :P and suprisingly nisa sudah langgar pantang. ( she is currently in a serious diet program that prohibit her to take meat and carb0!!). terus declare esok nak puasa. ahahahhahaaa.. nisa funny la you. and eita never fails me to feel appreciated. her birthday pressie made me smile all night long. guess what is it?


sweet bukan? i think i'll keep this until i move to my new house.
:)thank you so much eita. *hugs & kisses*..and i had a suprise for nisa tooo. guess what, she passed her driving test!!! yyeeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaaaa!*throws confetti*. i was so proud of you nisa. u made it on the first test!! saya sudah tidak sabar untuk naik kereta nisa drive. best kan if she can fetch me from home. hahahahhahaaaaa... in order to do that, she needs this. :D

i hope you know where to put the sticker on. hehehe. then we talked and talked and talked. fyi, we are discussing on ana midori baby shower. :) yes we are planning to throw her a baby shower on February since she is dued to deliver on march. and we are so excited about it. we discussed on the theme , the color, the gift, the decorations, the place we going to held this and the list goes on. hahahhaahhaaaa...
memang sebijik mcm mesyuarat agung PIBG sekolah. next time kite buat minit mesyuarat okay. ahahhahahaaa. i'll tell you we are very excited. ana you are so lucky to get pregnant earlier than us that make you the first baby shower celebrated by us ever. hahahahhahaaaa...later i'll update on our progress on the preparation k? :)

wahhhh i think i am so lucky to have circle of friends that always bring me happiness. yes its true that we also can get hurt in a friendship. but i think its normal. kita manusia biasa. kalau salah yg satu jam kite nak hilang persahabtan yg dah bertahun-tahun, sayang la kan. so jangan berkira sgt dalam berkawan sbb kalau takde kawan nnti life jadi empty. okay? :)

okla. i'll stop here. nak sambung discussion on baby shower with eita. ahhahahahaha. semangat bukan?

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