Sunday, November 2, 2008

counting days

omigod i have less than a month for ACCA exam. wawwawawawa...

My classmates are so busy revising. diorang puasa dating puasa tgk muvi puasa chatting and all that.. kagum bukan.. yes that is the reality of ACCA. even more horrible if you are sitting for corporate reporting paper. the killer paper of ACCA. even worst if you do not have strong basic in matching concept..(read: LIKE ME) can get stuck for few sitting because of this paper.
menakutkan bukan?

yes indeed. one of the paper that i am sitting for this semester is this paper. if only you know how the burden is. if only you can feel what i felt.

they say....if you going to take an exam, you must be relaxed and focused so that u can study effectively. you must have strong belief and support especially from your love ones so that u can get at least the confidence to pass . even your mental must be in a very healthy condition, always in positive mode.your physical must be fit enough so that you can stay up night long. of course you must be ready to sacrifice all the poya2 thingy for a while and ready to vomit blood.

but its really hard for me. when i really need time to focus on dis struggle-only-to-pass paper, there are people who cant accept it. when i need support, they were not into it. and when i need that so called calm and positive mental condition, this is the worst i can get.

dear people, we have our own view and perspective in life. we may have the same goal but not the same priority. we may have the same belief, but not the same dreams. we may have the same purpose, but believe me its not the same life.

maybe for you, ACCA is nothing. just a piece of paper.
maybe for you, ACCA is waste of time.
maybe for you, ACCA is just crap.

but for me, it means the world.

i crave for your respect and understanding for awhile. tq


kHeRoNe NiEySa said...
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kHeRoNe NiEySa said...

of coz it means the world to those who noe wat it realli means!!!n i do noe wat it realli means lalink:-* gud luck n all d best 4 ur paper lalink!!!

Pu3 iN PiNk said...

good Luck deAr!