Sunday, December 14, 2008

live by it

guess wut, i just came back from mandi manda @ sg congkak.
it has been ages since the last time i enjoyed myself like dis.

we splashed water. we played games. we had bbq. we laughed out wass so fun.

and i met a guy who has same birthdate with mine.his name is randy. sungguh bersejarah okay.
i am soo tired. kalau tdo mesti tak sedar ape2 dah ni.. hihi

plus, i'm looking forward to tomorrow's event. we'll have our monthly members gathering in "red-green-white" theme. mesti cute :D

eh i found this on the net. and i think its kind of true. tp part yg bawah2 tu mcm tak brape betul.mcm mengarut je. hahahaha.
anyhow, i'll paste it here , purposely utk bfren saya. hahaha.
(tp utk bukan bfren pun ok, bole prepare mane tau sooner jd bfren saya..muahaha)

Zodiac Dating Guide (Female)

Capricorn Female

The Capricorn woman is the one with the good gold jewelry, neutral tweed or classic Brooks Brothers suits and silk shirts. She always looks highly successful, or like she comes from old money (even if she doesn`t.) Your Capricorn woman realizes the value of a solid social network and will join organizations which will help her up the career ladder. Her lover will soon realize that he will need to share her with the world, and will be proud of her long list of accomplishments. She will come across as serious, conservative, shy, detailed, organized and self-disciplined. She delivers on her promises. She keeps her word and everything that bears her name is the best she can muster.

Your Challenge
Your Capricorn lover is practical--coming from a good background and having success potential is important to her. Some Capricorn women marry for social position, others are just concerned that their husband to be will be able to support her in the manner to which she is accustomed. You`ll need to convince her of your earnest ambition and your solid future. If you`re socially connected, by all means, don`t hide it.

How To Handle Her
In love she is slow and careful. Never one to wander from one flirtation to another, the Capricorn woman has her feet well planted on the ground. If her man suggests something new to her and she isn`t sure, he should give her time. Capricorn generally likes to mull things over and get used to ideas. She must never be forced or she will resist for sure.

Things To Do, Gifts To Buy
When getting her jewelry, think about buying an antique piece of estate jewelry, or give her something handed down from your grandmother. For a lovely dinner, take her to your club or to a restaurant that looks like a grand estate. Afterwards, give her a madly romantic experience, such as a carriage ride through the park in the snow, with warm blanket and brandy afterwards, or plan to meet her on top of a tall building, such as the Empire State building at 11:00 PM (à la An Affair to Remember, but in this version, both of you show up). Kiss her passionately, and promise her your true love.

Later, take her back to your apartment. Since this sign rules history, buy her a historical romance novel and read steamy portions of it to her in bed. Or, rent a romantic video, set in the days of knights and princes. Your lady is so used to making all the decisions at home and at work that she is tired of it all. She wants to be rescued now and then instead of having to rescue everyone else. Transfer all those feelings to you. Here is your chance to be her real life knight in shining armor and you will have her heart for life.

so, see u later

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